Zac Smith

Zac Smith

Director of Business Development

Zac came to the It’s Yoga International community while visiting his hometown of Toledo, Ohio in 2013. Having always wanted to learn more about yoga, he decided to check out It’s Yoga.  Ever since that day, the Rocket has been a part of his daily life.

Zac is the founder of Rocket Valley Solutions, LLC ( – a social entrepreneurship consulting firm that specializes in promoting initiatives that create innovative solutions that focus on the Triple Bottom Line of providing resolutions to the financial, social, and environmental needs of communities in Vermont and throughout world through innovative, multi-discipline collaborations.

During his time in Ecuador as a Peace Corps volunteer, Zac supported local organic farms by designing and implementing a municipal savings and credit union. Zac’s journey continued on to Guatemala where he designed fuel efficient stoves- coincidentally called Rocket Stoves– and water purification systems for rural communities.  His latest endeavors involve developing and directing the expansion of a social entrepreneurship company to Ecuador as well as  creating a social entrepreneurship consulting program for the Coles College of Business in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA.

Zac currently leads It’s Yoga International’s business development efforts and is excited to continue his journey with The Rocket®!

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