IYI 301 – Rocket® Foundations

100 Hr. – Puerto Escondido, Mexico


It’s Yoga International – Mexico Residency – Puerto Escondido, Mexico


This training is open to yoga instructors who have 200 Hr. Certification in another system and want to become Rocket® instructors


November 3 – 12, 2019

Program Components

This training is designed for those who are certified in another system and have been teaching yoga in their community and want to learn to practice and teach The Rocket® from its source

The purpose of this program is to be supportive, so that you can learn and integrate the main ingredients of the It’s Yoga System of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, in order to have confidence, independence and freedom to share the practice with others.

It will be wonderful to receive you here in Mexico for this unique foundational training in the It’s Yoga® system.
Surrendering to heat, sun and loving character of the area along with gaining enlightening, effective and supporting tools and knowledge in yogic technology developed since 1989, we assure you of having a milestone experience in your life with fun, acceptance and loving energy.



Foundations of the It's Yoga® system

Become your own scientific experience!

Learn, feel, understand, apply and teach the foundations of the It’s Yoga® system –

Bandhas, Breath, Drishti and the proprietary Hands and Feet module exclusive of the It’s Yoga® system.

A fully integrative method that will propel your practice to unsuspected levels.

History of Ashtanga Yoga

Learn about the lineage and philosophy of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga beginning with Sri Pattabhi Jois, T.Krishnamachayra, B.K.S Iyengar, and Larry Schultz.  Explore the Yoga Sutras: The Eight Limbs of Patanjali.

Theory and Practice

Learn Pranayama, Ujjayi breath, Sun Salutations, The It’s Yoga System, and Breathing within Ashtanga Sequences


Name and locate muscles, bones and joint. Understand spinal integrity and functional movement

Chakras, Naulis, and Bandhas

Yoga as an Energetic System: Names, functions, locations and importance.

Become a Teacher

Understand the principles of teaching etiquette/responsibility in the classroom.  Find your own voice as a teacher. Develop a personal teaching philosophy.  Market yourself as a teacher.


Engage yourself as you observe, assist, and teach classes as well as develop your personal teaching philosophy

World Class Facilitators

Marie Russel is the Director of It’s Yoga International, and is THRILLED to be in Puerto Escondido to share the LOVE.  Marie’s expertise in the It’s Yoga System and The Rocket® will be sure to inspire YOU to greater heights.  Having the privilege of teaching for over 15 years, she has supported hundreds of students to manifest their dreams, on and off the mat. 

She will be assisted by guest trainers in the IYI lineage.

Click here to read her FULL bio.

About the Location

Puerto Escondido is an ideal location for asana practice in that it is hot, humid and sunny – ideal for muscles and joints to gently stretch and lengthen, minds to relax and spirits to brighten!

It is very much an ocean oriented community with wonderful beaches at walking distance along with a lot of clean, local produce to nourish you throughout the training.

Added to that, the Mexican and Oaxaca family character is tangible throughout with smiling and welcoming energy. 
It’s Yoga® International has relocated headquarters here due to these wonderful characteristics that allow for healing and transformation in a safe and loving environment.


Los Milagritos Retreat Center. The location is ideal for a Yoga Experience. It is in the laidback international beach community of La Punta, has a pool, a beautiful yoga space, fire pit, meditation circle spot and much more. 

You can choose to spend your entire stay barefoot and being at walking distance from great restaurants, grocery stores, shops, beach and other healing activities like massage, ocean swimming, surfing, horse riding, crystal therapy and more.

The La Punta area is a 10 minute taxi ride from Puerto Escondido airport (PXM).

We are happy to assist in your travel arrangements.

We strongly recommend you book travel insurance along with your airfare.

Who is This Training For?

We designed this training to support yoga instructors who were interested in taking their practice and teaching into the realm of excellence! Laying a strong foundation in The Rocket® and learning the tools and techniques of the It’s Yoga® System are sure to support transformation, on, and off the mat!


Deposit: 650 USD (secures your spot in the training)

Full Tuition: 2100 USD

Sunrise Bird: 1750 USD (full payment received July 3rd)

Early Bird : 1950 USD (full payment received September 3rd)


We strongly recommend you book travel insurance along with your airfare.

Included in your training costs : Tuition, training materials, shared accommodations (double room apartment) and breakfast.

Not included : airfare, airport transfers and travel insurance


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