The divine plan is a mystery.  

It’s intelligence is beyond our understanding.  It is only in our surrendering to It do we have any sense of knowing It.  It’s truth lives deep in our Mind, and is untouched and unaffected by our disbelief.  It continues radiating Its true Light, reminding us that we are a part of the Mystery.  Our purpose is important, and we are worthy of being a part of It simply because it is our nature, instead of it being something we need to earn, It is there as a gift, speaking to who we really are, as a holy child of
That which create the sun and moon and stars and seas.  Synchronicity, what we like to call “It’s Yoga Moments” happen all around each day, if we are willing to notice.

Today I woke up with my children, breakfast, packed lunches, dressed and out the door.  Buckled the babes in, turned on the car and “Shakedown Street” by the Grateful Dead begins.  Ruby says, “Mommy, is this your favorite song?” I said “yes, Ruby, it is one of my favorites.”

Every day since I was 14 I have been listening to the Grateful Dead.  I remember the first time I listened to American Beauty.  Their music is the vibe that I want to be on, and now that my children are also on the vibe, I feel the another layer of gratitude for the  “Grateful Dead.”

When they named themselves this cryptic name, it was through one of the band members reading something and there was a phrase, “Grateful Dead” and they liked it.  I found them confident and fearless to call themselves that.  When I was teenager my mother told me they were evil, symbols of skulls and skeletons…I didn’t know about all that – I just liked the music, I felt like I remembered it somehow.  

After I dropped my beautiful babes at school, I got back in the car to “Til the Morning Comes,” another one of my favorites, and a call from my dear friend Michele who was in Brighton UK at the new It’s Yoga Opening.  She had planned to be there since July for another event, the studio was meant to be open in July, and all was in Divine Plan for them to all be in the same place at the same time, to celebrate the birth of this new Center.  

She spoke to the Centers’ beauty, the flowers, the energy, the Love that is signature It’s Yoga.  She said the Yogaman (Larry)  was there, and I felt my heart expand inside my chest.  There is still a core group of us, that are fully committed to It’s Yoga, to extending our love of the practice through with the system that Larry began in San Francisco.  And although many have left, the ones who are here, and the new that come, remind me that the essence of It’s Yoga is still alive and thriving…and in the foggy town of Brighton, another Rocket takes off.

As I arrived at the It’s Yoga International Center here in Toledo, I looked at the pictures of Larry on the wall.  What a mysterious man he was.  I wanted to move the frames in front of me, like the old days when we practiced across from each other all those mornings.  I felt his presence, the energy of the It’s Yoga Center in SF, and as I began to move, I was Grateful to the Dead.  

To be “dead” means to have left this world, this body, for the next.  To be at peace with the sequence of life, and death, whether I know it or understand it, or agree or disagree, means I am One with the Divine Mystery, and I trust that all is in Divine Right Order.  I know that for me, and for those of us devoted to surrendering to the Divine Plan, that we will keep moving, gratefully, Til the Morning Comes.

Namaste friends, make it easy on yourself and surrender to the Divine Plan….



Lyrics, Til the Morning Comes

Songwriters: Margaret A. Lewis / Mira A. Smith

Till the morning comes, it’ll do you fine.

Till the morning comes, like a highway sign,

Showing you the way, leaving no doubt,

Of the way on in or the way back out.

Tell you what I’ll do, I’ll watch out for you

You’re my woman now, make yourself easy, make yourself easy

Make yourself eeeeeeasy

Till we all fall down, it’ll do you fine,

Don’t think about what you left behind

The way you came or the way you go

Let your tracks be lost in the dark and snow

Tell you what I’ll do, I’ll watch out for you

You’re my woman now, make yourself easy, make yourself easy

Make yourself eeeeeeasy

When the shadows grow, it’ll do you fine

When the cold winds blow, it’ll ease your mind

The shape it takes could be yours to choose,

What you may win, what you may lose

Tell you what I’ll do, I’ll watch out for you

You’re my woman now, make yourself easy, make yourself easy

Make yourself eeeeeeeasy

Peace and LOVE

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