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It is with excitement that we showcase and share what we love!

The Rocket Sequences were developed by Larry Schultz with their foundation in the classic Ashtanga science.  The Rocket Sequences take that foundation and create the opportunity for the practitioner to listen to their internal guide and find the personal freedom that The Rocket provides.  Considering this, we are launching The Rocket Vault.

What is The Rocket® Vault?

We have carefully curated a library of of video streams of all of the types of classes that It’s Yoga International offers.  Within The Vault, you will find Rocket Sequences 1, 2, and 3, Primary Series, as well as variations of these offerings.  We are also going to share some video streams that focus on specific elements of our offerings.

No Rocket class is the same as another, that’s why we are sharing the many variations of this practice with you so you can explore your creativity from the comfort of your home.

We trust that these gems will keep you inspired and energized in your practice.

Have an awesome time!


The IYI Team

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    The Rocket® Routines Package (PDF Format) – All 3 Yoga Routines

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  • The Rocket® Vault

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    Rocket® 1 Sequence (pdf version)

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  • The Rocket® Series Streaming Yoga (3 Videos)

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    Rocket® 2 Sequence (pdf version)

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    Rocket® 1 Video Stream Subscription

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    Rocket® 3 Sequence (pdf version)

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    Rocket® 2 Video Stream Subscription

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    It’s Yoga® Essentials

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    Equinox Online Video Sessions

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    Ashtanga Primary Series as led by Larry Schultz (Streaming)

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  • The Original Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Manual (PDF format)


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