The México Rocket® Residency

It’s Yoga® International is offering the entire training system in gorgeous Puerto Escondido on a yoga journey to remember!

Rocket® Events For All Levels of Practitioners!

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About the Location

Puerto Escondido is an ideal location for asana practice in that it is hot, humid and sunny – ideal for muscles and joints to gently stretch and lengthen, minds to relax and spirits to brighten!

It is very much an ocean oriented community with wonderful beaches at walking distance along with a lot of clean, local produce to nourish you throughout the training.

Added to that, the Mexican and Oaxaca family character is tangible throughout with smiling and welcoming energy.

It’s Yoga® International has relocated headquarters here due to these wonderful characteristics that allow for healing and transformation in a safe and loving environment.


Los Milagritos Retreat Center. The location is ideal for a Yoga Experience. It is in the laidback international beach community of La Punta, has a pool, a beautiful yoga space, fire pit, meditation circle spot and much more.

You can choose to spend your entire stay barefoot and being at walking distance from great restaurants, grocery stores, shops, beach and other healing activities like massage, ocean swimming, surfing, horse riding, crystal therapy and more.

The La Punta area is a 10 minute taxi ride from Puerto Escondido airport (PXM).

We are happy to assist in your travel arrangements.

We strongly recommend you book travel insurance along with your airfare.

Featured Events

All It’s Yoga® International Training Events are guaranteed to offer participants an inspiring and life enhancing experience.

The It’s Yoga® Legacy began in 1989 and to this day, continues to be an international leader in teacher trainings.

Our Trainers are talented, gifted and knowledgeable practitioners who believe in serving the world through Sharing the Love of the Practice. They are fully committed to It’s Yoga® and have completed the requirements to become an IYI Trainer.

IYI 30 Hr. Rocket Immersion

Get to Know the It’s Yoga System

It’s Yoga International has an amazing history and an even more amazing evolution.  This will be an opportunity to dive deeper into the Rocket®, the tools that make it accessible, and the mastery that It’s Yoga® offers.

One of a Kind Experience

All IYI Immersion & Retreat events are designed to be unique as we will have the inputs and guidance of different IYI trainers as well as different focuses on the many facets of the It’s Yoga System. Open to everyone. 


-November 3rd to 5th, 2019 (Check in Nov 2nd, check out Nov 6th)

February 9 to 11, 2020 (check in Feb 8th, check out Feb 12th)

March 8 to 10, 2020 (check in Mar 7th, check out Mar 11th)


Our 30 hr immersion offers two classes in The Rocket® system per day, and two sessions to explore universal principles for an off the mat practice, and empowering technical tools for a safe and effective on the mat practice. There will be space during the day to lay by the pool, swim in the ocean or take a surfing lesson! Massages and other healing modalities are also available.

IYI 301 Rocket®️ Foundations (100hr)


– November 3rd to 12th, (check in 2nd, check out 13th)

-February 9th to 18th, 2020 (check in 8th, check out 19th)

-October 14th to 23rd, 2020 (check in 13th, check out 24th)

This training is designed for those who are certified in another system and have been teaching yoga in their community and want to learn,  practice and teach The Rocket® from its source!

IYI 302 Rocket®️ Take off (100hr)


– November 13th to 22nd (check in 12th, check out 23rd)

-February 19th to 28th 2020 (check in Feb 18th, check out 29th)

-March 29th to April 7th 2020 (check in March 28th, check out April 8th)

-October 25th to November 3rd 2020 (check in October 25th, check out November 4th)

This program is open to IYI 200 Hr. & IYI 301 Graduates – now that the foundation is laid, we can really take the Rocket to the next dimension. Join us for 10 days of Rocket bliss – soak in the sun and light and let it energize your year!

*Upon certification we will be honored to bless you with sharing all of The Rocket® routines and the It’s Yoga® system in your community.

IYI 200 Foundational Training in Personal Excellence (200hr)


March 8th to March 27th 2020 (check in 7th and check out 28th) 

October 4th to October 23rd 2020 (check in 3rd and check out 24th) 

This is the foundational training. It’s Yoga® started this unique model of intensive training in the Ashtanga lineage in the 90’s in San Francisco. Since then, it has been taught worldwide in English, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Swedish and Thai. If you are called to deepen your practice, this is  a training to uncover and nurture your Inner Teacher in a safe, effective and loving environment.

(Yoga Alliance registered training at 200hr level)

Program Components

The Purpose of the IYI 200 Hr. Program is to be supportive, so that you can learn and integrate the main ingredients of the It’s Yoga System of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,  in order  to have the confidence, independence and freedom to share the practice in your community.

History of Ashtanga Yoga

Learn about the lineage and philosophy of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga beginning with Sri Pattabhi Jois, T.Krishnamachayra, B.K.S Iyengar, and Larry Schultz.  Explore the Yoga Sutras: The Eight Limbs of Patanjali.

Theory and Practice

Learn Pranayama, Ujjayi breath, Sun Salutations, The It’s Yoga System, and Breathing within Ashtanga Sequences


Name and locate muscles, bones and joint. Understand spinal integrity and functional movement

Chakras, Naulis, and Bandhas

Yoga as an Energetic System: Names, functions, locations and importance.

Become a Teacher

Understand the principles of teaching etiquette/responsibility in the classroom.  Find your own voice as a teacher. Develop a personal teaching philosophy.  Market yourself as a teacher.


Engage yourself as you observe, assist, and teach classes as well as develop your personal teaching philosophy

“What is the IYI200 training?” video (short version)
“What is the IYI200 training?” video (full version)

IYI 501 Mastering the It’s Yoga®️ System

February 16th to 21st, 2020 (check in 15th, check out 22nd)

All pricing includes tuition, training materials, 3 gourmet daily meals and shared accommodations.

Marie and Michèle have led this training together since 2014, and each time have learned how to ensure its excellence. Michele is inspired to share her knowledge of vedic chanting, pranayama and introduce the wisdom of ceremonial practice.

If you have any specific requests, please feel free to contact us.

IYI 502 - Being a Rocket®️ Trainer

February 23rd to 28th, 2020 (Check in the 22nd, check out 29th) 

6 full days of training

All pricing includes tuition, training materials, 3 gourmet daily meals and shared accommodations 

If you have any specific requests, please feel free to contact us.

“My It’s Yoga® inspiration is the strong international Rocket® family. I love facilitating Rocket® classes and telling the practitioners that they are moving and breathing in the same flow as all the It’s Yoga® centers around the world. I love traveling to different It’s Yoga® studios and knowing, no matter what country and what language is spoken, I will have that feeling of hOMe. Triangle…Triángulo…etc is still Trikonasana; we move and breathe together.”

Ryan Gregory

IYI Trainer

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