IYI 302  Rocket® Take-Off in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

IYI 302 Rocket® Take-Off in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

The 302 Module is specifically designed for IYI 200 Hr. & IYI 301 graduates who want to refine their personal practice and teaching style. During this “Rocket® Take Off” program, we will look at the more advanced ingredients of a conscious yoga practice.  Through this unique and exquisitely designed course, you will gain the experience, knowledge and practical tools to lead a centered and authentic lifestyle.  Furthermore, you will learn how to share the experience of the Rocket® and the It’s Yoga® System of Ashtanga with the world. Prepare yourself for an experience of transformation and community. Moreover, learn the magic, mechanics, and routines that spread joy and lightness to yoga students all around the world. At the end of this course, you will fly on and off the mat.

Learn how to teach: 

  • Full Primary Series,
  • Modified Primary Series
  • Modified & Full Rocket 1
  • Modified & Full Rocket 2
  • Intro to Rocket 3
  • Yin/Restorative Rocket (new)

“Practice what you teach, teach what you practice.” – Larry Schultz

Your Trainers: Alejandro Arrangoiz, Marie and Dani Russel

Dates: March 29th to April 7th 2020 (check in March 28, check out April 8)

Schedule: 8:00am-7:30pm with ample time to pause. Eat, breathe and enjoy La Punta.

The Venue: Los Milagritos is a rustic, retreat center in the international, surf community of La Punta. Everything you need is here: clean, comfortable accommodations, a swimming pool, fire pit, and a yoga room beneath the sky to sea gradient. The beach is just a five minute walk away.  At your finger tips: massage, crystal therapy, and beautiful cafes await. Enjoy the fresh nourishing produce of Oaxaca. Bask in the friendly, smiling energy of this clandestine community.


Includes: Tuition, training materials, shared accommodation and breakfast.

Sunrise Bird: 1750 USD (full payment received November 29 2019)

Early Bird : 1950 USD (full payment received January 29 2020)

Full Tuition: $2100 USD (after January 29 2020)


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