Salla Karkkainen

Salla Karkkainen

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

“Not all those who wander are lost.” They are on their way.
This is what happened to me when I found myself on a 200 h Teacher Training course in Helsinki in January 2014. It feels like a lifetime ago!  I had skyped with my friend Linda and we both felt like standing at a crossroads of life: “Where to go? What to do? What do I really want?” During the call I said: “There is one thing that makes me  feel  more meevery time and it’s yoga. I want yoga to be part of my life.”
After TT I knew it: This is it – and I moved everything else away, made room for a change. I followed my intuition fully and fearlessly. Right now I realize that everything I’ve ever done – all the travels, 40 days of walking in the North of Spain, 10 years of dance teaching (authentic movement), managing a summer restaurant, learning reflexology/reiki/ NLP, following the sun, moon and the thousand stars (wandering), falling in love with the ocean… the list of things I have done to feel what “being” really is for me goes on and on.
“I’m my breath.” I am truly grateful for Larry and the system of It’s Yoga for that. It’s truly a beautiful place for transformation and the Rocket is the spaceship to ride.
Yoga connects me to my breath, daily. I practice to make it visible in my life. Like the tattoos I have, practice is my reminder. It brings me to the moment where life happens.
Here is what I wrote in IYI 501 Training March 2015:

Light from the way,

“My purpose for facilitating yoga is to be centered, connected and firmly rooted to myself and to my breath daily so that I can focus and empower myself and others to bring awareness in thoughts and actions on/off mat and as I’m experiencing my clear vision, steady and authentic voice, being a part of the It’s Yoga community that is committed to peace, love and transformations, I’m also living my life happy and free.”  – Namasté

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