Ricardo Martin

Ricardo Martin


The time I decided to join its Yoga Teacher Training with Larry I didn’t have any clue about how deep the training is going to change me for the rest of my life, even today the practice it self go deeper and some of the things Larry been sharing two years ago start to make sense. When I got into Sonoma, I found Larry in the backyard of his house sitting in a sofa, the place look very simple, beautiful and with everything I need… my tent beside the pool and a wood floor for practice. The training was great, exactly what I needed, I remember during that time I had lot of questions and doubts about the practice and about my life, but all the practice, discussion, philosophy and homework, help me to found all the answers I need and much more… I met new friends all around the world and unique teachers who guide me and help me to find and live my dream. What Larry did for me… so much, through his kindness he help me to find my inner teacher, and from that day, my inner teacher speak and I just listening… is very good to have a teacher with you 24 hours a day =) If you have the opportunity to join some of our trainings around the world… please give your self this beautiful present, change your life and ride your dream.

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