IYI 301: Rocket® Foundations

300 Hr. – Tenerife, Canary Islands

Laying a strong foundation in The Rocket® and learning the tools and techniques of the It’s Yoga® System


Tenerife, Canary Islands


February 9 – 18
Check in February 8 – and out on February 19
11 nights – 9 days of training


Full Tuition: 1650 USD
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Program Components

We designed this training to support yoga instructors who were interested in taking their practice and teaching into the realm of personal and professional excellence! Laying a strong foundation in The Rocket® and learning the tools and techniques of the It’s Yoga® System are sure to support transformation, on, and off the mat!

World Class Facilitators

Marie Russel, Director of IYI & Guest Instructors.  Marie Russel is the Director of It’s Yoga International, and is THRILLED to be in Tenerife to share the LOVE. Having had a committed and consistent Rocket® practice with Larry Schultz, its creator for 7 years daily, as his student, wife and predecessor, Marie’s expertise in the It’s Yoga System is deeply rooted and established and will be sure to inspire YOU to greater heights.  She has been teaching since 2004, and been a part of over 50 It’s Yoga Teacher Trainings,  supporting hundreds of students to manifest their dreams, on and off the mat.

About the Location

Join us on the beautiful Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain located on the west coast of Africa!  This February we are celebrating 7 years since the passing of our Founder, Larry Schultz, the creator of The Rocket® with events at the mystical Hacienda Cristoforo.

Who is This Training For?

This training is designed for those of you who are certified in another system, and have been teaching yoga in your community,  and want to learn to practice teach The Rocket® from its source of It’s Yoga!  We will lay a foundation together, that will support you in a strong practice, on and off the mat.  It takes love, commitment and patience to understand the Rocket from the inside out –  and we to dive deep into the physical, spiritual and intellectual practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga to learn about the history, philosophy and mechanics of The Rocket® Routines. With some off the mat practicing tools, be prepared to move and breath as you explore your practice from the inside out, and take your Rocket® practice to new heights.
“The IYI 301 module provided me everything I was hoping for. I was moving and breathing twice a day, aware of my breath, focused on what my hands, feet and core were doing, so of course I got stronger, more flexible and more capable than I ever was. But that was the easy part. I also learned a lot about myself during those two weeks. Marie and Dani lovingly helped us realize what our true purpose for being there was, encouraging an environment in which we could be open and honest to share and shape our wants, needs, fears and expectations to become great instructors, but also great human beings.”
David Hernandez

301 Graduate, It's Yoga International

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