Megan Collier

Megan Collier

Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand

I had been practicing various disciplines of Yoga since the mid 90’s. I bend so I don’t break! Teaching was a natural development. I completed a Bikram Teacher Training in 2004 and then an apprenticeship in Ashtanga for 18 months. I was starting to become easily distracted from my practice, never quite finding my stride. Then Dave and I stumbled upon Its Yoga and The Rocket. Wow.

Where You Can Find Me

Where I teach:
Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand

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My It's Yoga Inspiration


What brings us back to the practice daily is being ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We take what we enjoy doing and share it. Breathe!


IYI Trainings Completed


200 Ashtanga – July 2017 – Joy & Ricardo – Bali
300 Rocket – August 2018 – Joy & Ricardo – Bali

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