IYI 30 Hr. Rocket® Immersion

30 Hr. – Tenerife, Canary Islands

Immerse yourself in the It’s Yoga® System


Tenerife, Canary Islands


February 9-11
Check in February 8 and check out February 12


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Program Components

We created this event to invite past, present and future practitioners of The It’s Yoga® System and The Rocket® Routines into the circle to experience the BLISS of being surrounded, supported, and inspired as we break down the routines, tools, and techniques that will be transformational, on, and off the mat!

This is an opportunity to get a look and feel for It’s Yoga and The Rocket. Marie and the IYI Team are  so excited to welcome you to the circle, as you join the community of human beings who are looking to make the world a better place by making themselves better people. Yoga is an amazing practice, It’s Yoga is an amazing System, and The Rocket is the vehicle of choice for those who are willing to fly!

World Class Facilitators

Marie Russel, Director of IYI & Guest Instructors.  Marie Russel is the Director of It’s Yoga International, and is THRILLED to be in Tenerife to share the LOVE.   Marie’s mastery of the It’s Yoga System and Rocket® Routines will be sure to inspire YOU to greater heights.  Having the privilege of teaching for over 13 years, she has supported hundreds of students to manifest their dreams, on and off the mat.

About the Location

This February we are celebrating 7 years since the passing of our Founder, Larry Schultz, the creator of The Rocket® with events at the mystical Hacienda Cristoforo. http://www.haciendacristoforo.com/en/

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