Dave Withington

Dave Withington

Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand

Megan introduced me to Yoga in 2005. I practiced regularly for a while but got frustrated, injured and bored. In 2014 I experimented with lots of different yoga and finally found the Rocket. I enjoy its pragmatism to different bodies, injuries and focus on having fun.

There were no teachers of The Rocket in New Zealand so we practiced along with the Its Yoga videos and anything else we could find. We had to share this with New Zealand! So together we began the It’s Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2017 and 2018 with Joy and Ricardo in Bali. We can now be found teaching The Rocket and the It’s Yoga approach in our beautiful corner of the world.

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Where I teach:
Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand

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What brings us back to the practice daily is being ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We take what we enjoy doing and share it. Breathe!


IYI Trainings Completed


200 Ashtanga – July 2017 – Joy & Ricardo – Bali
300 Rocket – August 2018 – Joy & Ricardo – Bali


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