Daniela Albertini

Daniela Albertini

Lucerne, Switzerland

I grew up in the Engadin region of the Swiss Alps, and its ancient topography has had a lasting impact on me. I studied business administration in a larger town nearby and worked there in a regional bank for several years. After a profound personal experience at the age of 27, I decided to hand in my notice. I moved to Italy to learn Italian and think about what I could do besides banking. It was during this time in Florence that I discovered It’s Yoga Firenze and immediately fell in love with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice and Rocket® sequences. Because I found myself visiting the yoga studio more and more often, I decided to extend my stay and complete the 200 Hr. Training Program with the It’s Yoga family in Florence. In November of 2016, after around two years in Italy, I returned to Switzerland. I am now studying to become a translator and regularly teach yoga at STUDIO FAYO in Lucerne. I am once again surrounded by my beloved mountains, only this time with a different view, out over Lake Lucerne.

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STUDIO FAYO in Lucerne

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A journey into the unknown begins whenever I unroll my yoga mat, whether I step onto the mat with specific expectations or none at all. Without fail, yoga takes me where I need to go. Practicing yoga provides me a daily opportunity to encounter and engage with my inner self in new ways. It is a gift—even when, every now and then, it seems driven by necessity rather than free choice. It is a gift because it gives me the strength for self-reflection and reminds me to do so without judgment. It enables me to step away from the thoughts racing around my mind, so I can recognize the freedom to choose my path. To make decisions that are good for me. To understand that it is OK to take it slow or even take a step back. Yoga reminds me that perfection can be found in being content. That I am exactly where I should be. And that I can trust. Yoga means all of this to me.


IYI Trainings Completed


IYI 200 – Firenze 2016

IYI 302 – Fuerteventura 2017


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