Andrea Vannini

Andrea Vannini

Firenze, Italy and Chur, Switzerland

My It’s Yoga story started in 2012, when I was in a confused, unstable and challenging place in my life.  While experiencing a burn out in my previous job – events coordinator in a Sales Department for a Luxury company- I started practicing yoga in It’s Yoga Firenze and it quickly became part of my daily life.  After few months, I decided to quit my job as it wasn’t working for me anymore.  It started the long but beautiful, incredible and life changing path to unfold what it works for me.

What is real, nourishing, trustful and authentic to my Self. My It’s Yoga Journey began.  I attended IYI 200 hr. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 and since that moment I never stopped facilitating classes, workshops, retreats and lately trainings.

Transformation happens, it’s yoga!

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Where I teach:
It’s Yoga Firenze



My It's Yoga Inspiration


It’s Yoga gave me the tools to unfold my potentials and trust my intuition, with patience and softness.  It allowed to committee to my breathe so that I can deeply feel my sensations, recognizing my patterns and being able to change it going back to my inner, infinite strength. Infinite like an ocean can be.  The Rocket® got me faster there, in a realization that we tent to forget: we are that ocean.  We are one with the source of Life.


IYI Trainings Completed


IYI 200 – Firenze 2013

IYI Immersions – Firenze 2013 & 2016

IYI 501 – Tenerife 2018

IYI 502 – Tenerife 2018

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