Alejandro Arrangoiz

Alejandro Arrangoiz

Mexico City, Mexico

I began my yoga practice with Kundalini in 2010, and even though I really liked it I wanted to try different styles of yoga.
A few months later I attended my first Ashtanga class at It’s Yoga Cancún and it was a whole new experience for me, the sweat, the heat, the dynamic movements and the peaceful feeling in mind-body that I had in savasana made me realize that I wanted to get deeper into this practice.

One year later, I came back to Cancún to attend the 200 hr training at It´s Yoga and I have been sharing the practice in Mexico City since then. I traveled to Cancun and Toledo for the IYI programs in order to be a Rocket® trainer, having the opportunity to practice and learn from Marie Russel, Liliana Mejía and Leigh Gregory.

I have practiced ashtanga and other styles of yoga (hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, yin etc.) with great teachers, and I have learned from all of them, however the Its Yoga System is the one that resonates with me the most, the ashtanga and Rocket Routines have become an essential part of my life and I feel honored to share this practice with others.

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Mexico City

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My It's Yoga Inspiration


The IYI routines has become an essential part of my daily life. The practice of yoga for me has been a tool to be balanced and to keep a healthier and peaceful way of living.  My inspiration is to share and facilitate this practice with anyone who is interested, so they can experience the great benefits of yoga on their own.


IYI Trainings Completed


IYI 200 – Cancun 2011

IYI Immersion – Cancun 2012

IYI Immersion – Cancun 2016

IYI 501 – Toledo 2017

IYI 502 – Toledo 2017

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