IYI Rocket Retreat – Puerto Escondido, February 2019



February 10 – 13

Check in Feb 9 – Check out Feb 14

850 USD (this offer stands until Dec. 31 – after that, the price is 1000 USD). All pricing includes 3 gourmet daily meals, accommodations and airport transfers from Puerto Escondido airport

Yoga On and Off the Mat

This 3 day event offers participants three days, to dive into their personal experience of life, using the tools of yoga on and off the mat to take it up a level. One strong and one soft Yoga practice each day, in addition to private/group coaching sessions will invoke love and living from a place of certainty.

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This 3 day event offers participants three days, to dive into their personal experience of life, using the tools of yoga on and off the mat to take it up a level. One strong and one soft Yoga practice each day, in addition to private/group coaching sessions will invoke love and living from a place of certainty. 

It’s one thing to practice yoga on your mat, to be able to go upside down and fold like a pretzel. It’s another to approach life fearlessly with an openness to your highest potential. The CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Coaching Tools offered, in addition to chanting, breathing practices and yoga sessions, will offer participants an opportunity to explore their inner realms, diminish fear, and move from a place of authenticity on and off the mat, and into their life. Be brave, go inside and find the Light waiting for your attention.

What’s included:
4 nights & 3 days of Retreat
3 organic & gourmet meals/day during the retreat, welcome dinner and farewell breakfast arrival and departure days. 
Morning & Evening Yoga Sessions
One private coaching session
One private yoga session
3 group coaching workshops/sessions
Cacao Ceremony with Michele
Lots of free time to rest, relax, swim, sunbathe
Transportation from airport in Puerto Escondido

What is not included:
Surf, massage or exploring Puerto Escondido

Sample schedule

8 – 9:30 Yoga on the Mat
9:30 – 10:30 Breakfast & Journalling
10:30 – 1:30 Free Time/Private Yoga/Coaching 
1:30 – 2:30 Lunch
2:30 – 4 Free Time/Private Yoga/Coaching
4 – 6 PM Group Session
6 – 7:30 Yoga on the Mat
7:30 – 9 Enjoy Dinner under the Stars and Music of the Waves

About Marie:

Deeply inspired by A Course in Miracles, and a committed student since of the Course since 2005, Marie embraces and shares Universal Principles in a way that is absorbable and relevant. Having had devoted and long term relationships to Master Yogi Larry Schultz, and Master Life Coach Dorothy Divack, has instilled in her a loving relationship to Self, the ability to Listen for Guidance, and offer clients and students tools and feedback that leads to transformation and enlightenment. Peace and happiness is the goal of all human souls, and our journeys are enhanced when we allow ourselves to heal on all levels.

Marie’s life has been full of opportunities for healing, being a widow, a mother, a wife, a cancer thriver and yoga practitioner, full time, for over 15 years, she is honored to support you on your journey to wholeness.

About Michele:

Michele’s ability to share Joy is unlimited. Her experience of Life has been rich, as a scientist, practitioner of Yoga, dedicated student of the Krishnamacharia Institute in Chennai India, leader of It’s Yoga Firenze for over 10 years, and recently an amputee due to an event 3 years ago, Michele knows, that only Love is real. She is willing to support you with her work and study in transformational breath, chanting, Rocket, and CENTER OF EXCELLENCE tools.

This retreat is led by authentic and devoted human beings whose soul mission is to heal themselves thereby healing others. Together they have over 30 Years of Wisdom and experience to share with YOU!

Join us as we move humanity fully into the yoga prayer, that “all beings everywhere, are happy & free.”


The weather is perfect for advancement of your yoga practice on and off the mat. The Rocket is sure to get you there faster, and the It's Yoga System ensures it is safe, effective and authentic. Join the IYI Family on a journey of a lifetime.

Puerto Escondido is on the pacific coast of southern Mexico in the state of Oaxaca.

It is a beach paradise known for its excellent surf. It’s a very safe place.

About the Location

Casa Naia -

The location is perfect for a Yoga Experience. The house is on the beach, has a pool, a beautiful yoga space, fire pit, meditation circle spot and much more. Meals and shared accommodations are included in the price of the event. Weather is beautiful and the food is fantastic. The instruction will be authentic, loving and transformational.

Telephone Number: +52.954.588.4106

Getting There

Puerto Escondido International Airport (PXM) is a quick 45 minute flight from Mexico City.

It is usually cheaper to get your flights to Mexico City, and then get your flights to Puerto Escondido separately.

The following airlines serve Puerto Escondido from Mexico City:

  • Interjet: Interjet
  • Aeromar: Aeromar
  • Vivaaerobus*: Vivaerobus

* Vivaaerobus is a low cost airline. You can get flights for around $100 roundtrip.

It is also possible to fly directly to Huatulco International Airport (HUX) (approximately 1.5 hour drive to Puerto Escondido) from many U.S. and Canada cities, via Houston on United and from Minneapolis on Sun Country, and from Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary on sunWing, West Jet and Air Canada.

You can also fly from Mexico City to Huatulco with Interjet, Aeromar, and Vivaerobus.

You will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy a truly unique setting.

What to bring?

Your yoga mat
Please bring your mat with you. 

Yoga clothes
Please bring yoga clothes since we are having two yoga practices a day. Puerto Escondido is quite hot, so make sure your clothes are light and breathable.

Bathing suit
Our lovely house has a beautiful infinity pool. 
Additionally, there are several beautiful beaches in Puerto Escondido, the closest one to our house is Carrizalillo, which is within walking distance.

Eco Friendly Sunscreen
Please be aware that the sun in Puerto Escondido is really strong, we recommend wearing sunscreen everyday.

Eco Friendly Bug repellent
There are a lot of mosquitoes in the area, we recommend using some repellent to avoid being bitten.

If you have any, bring them! There’s a couple of beautiful bays close to the house where you can swim and see many types of fish.

Regular beach attire
Shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, flip flops, hats, etc... 

Shampoo and toiletries 
Soap and towels will be available, but please bring anything else you might need.

Additional information

PE Package

Deposit, Full Registration and Accommodation


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