IYI 30 Hr – Rocket® Immersion (Toledo September-2017)


September 1-3, 2017
Toledo, Ohio

This weekend is an opportunity for you to explore if this practice is for you! To learn about the main ingredients of yoga from a modern, western perspective, and a safe and welcoming environment. We are international, and here at home we want to share the LOVE that we experience in the world – so that more and more people can receive the deep and lasting effects of a well informed, practical, yoga experience.

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Immerse yourself in the It’s Yoga® System with three days of The Rocket® from its SOURCE!  Get the inside scoop on Hands and Feet placement essential for The Rocket® practice, insights into the “Bandhas” and laser technique and adjustments for your personal practice designed to set YOU up for a healthy and happy practice, on the mat, of the mat, and in the world.

The IYI CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in Toledo, Ohio is here to create a hub for practitioners and instructors to experience Yoga at its finest. We are here for the basic beginner and most advanced, and everyone in between. How you might ask? Because we meet you where you are, and inspire you to become and consistent practitioner. It is our philosophy that you can’t get “good” at yoga, you can only get “good” at practicing yoga. From this place, we are all the same, and can excel – on your mat, off your mat, and in the world!

Email us at info@itsyoga.com – sometimes our members will host you. Also, the Park Inn and Renaissance Hotel are within walking distance of this ever evolving downtown!



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