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Meet the Team

The It’s Yoga® International Team

Fully committed to the mission of It’s Yoga®, “to share the love of the practice,” each Board member has been carefully selected for their expertise and dediction to maintaining the Legacy of Larry Schultz, Founder of It’s Yoga® and creator of The Rocket® Routines.  It’s Yoga® International is the only organization internationally recognized as the “Home of The Rocket®” and the It’s Yoga® Teacher Training Programs, since 1989.  For more information about how to get involved, email

Larry Schultz

Founder of It’s Yoga® & Creator of the Rocket®

Chairman of the Board, Emeritus, since 1989

Michele Barocchi

Founder & Director, It’s Yoga Firenze, Italy; IYI Advisor

Marie Russel

Founder of IYI & CEO, Since 2011

Dorothy Divack

Senior Advisor Emeritus – Center of Excellence International, since 1989

Daniel Russel

Director of Media & Content Production, Since 2013

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