Max Becker

Max Becker


Max has been practicing Yoga since 2004, starting from the sun salutations which has become a fundamental daily practice for a couple of years, enjoying the magic of breath reaching every single cell of the body. Fascinated by the techniques and teachings of this ancient art he deepens the knowledge of the dynamics of mechanisms of a light body and a free mind. The interest in meditation and sports becomes a passion for Yoga. The physical, mental and spiritual dimension of the research of an intimate balance between the world and the individual. Max has promoted for over 15 years activities of individual and social development with the Humanist Movement and has studied (and is trying to apply!) the Contemporary Humanism of Mario Rodriguez Cobos, called Silo, who is saying: “The human being of the future, to overcome pain and suffering, needs a mind of a mathematician, a heart of a poet and a body of an athlete.”

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