Dear Friends,

February 27th, marked the 5 year anniversary of our Founder, Friend and Teacher, Larry Schultz’s transition from this life to the next. In these 5 years, It’s Yoga has changed form as well, although, our dedication and commitment to the Rocket® and Larry’s Living Legacy remains strong and continues to expand the vision of It’s Yoga: to share the love of the practice!

This last month, I was, yet again, reminded of the essence of It’s Yoga. We completed a 200 Hr. Training in Mexico City, and in the final circle a few of the participants shared how they had been a part of many teacher trainings, and that the It’s Yoga Training stood apart in it’s ability to inspire a family atmosphere rooted in love. It warmed my heart to hear this, and I shared this with the group, and now with all of you, that that is what Larry was all about, and that is the Spirit of It’s Yoga: family and love.

Larry was able to transmit the practice with a generosity of Spirit and humor that was truly unique. As the Founder of It’s Yoga and the Creator of the Rocket®, his vision was a million yoga teachers to change the world. Larry committed his life to empowering practitioners of yoga with the tools to share their practice in their communities. He inspired everyone he trained, all over the world, to pick up their mat and commit to their personal practice. Knowing that, from a daily connection to our inner teacher, all would be revealed, all would be healed, and we would indeed manifest our dreams.

And that is what we are up to, with It’s Yoga International.

Check out our IYI Community Page on! It’s Yoga has trained over 5000 students in our life-affirming curriculum, and I invite you all to get on and fill out the form and register with IYI! This offers us the opportunity to deepen our connection and offer the world ways to find It’s Yoga trained instructors.

In addition, visit the IYI Certifications Page, clarifying the 200 Hr., 300 Hr., and 500 Hr. designations with It’s Yoga International. We look to inspire you to continue and/or to start your journey on the Rocket®, and join the It’s Yoga International Family! We are dedicated to extending Peace on Earth through the practice of yoga, on and off the mat, and you are invited.

Thank you for you reading this newsletter, and for your continued support of It’s Yoga and the Rocket®. We truly are changing the world, one training at a time.



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