Mastering the It’s Yoga® System – IYI 501

(100 hour intensive training)


The Purpose of the IYI 301 Hr. is to be open to yoga instructors from other 200 Hr. Programs, as well as IYI 200 Hr. graduates, so that we can offer a solid framework of education in the It’s Yoga Rocket® System.

Thus, participants are invited to experience the tools and techniques of The Rocket®, as developed by creator Larry Schultz, in order to practice and lead classes rooted in authenticity.

This Training is purposefully presented to ensure facilitators of yoga are continuing to learn and integrate proven tools into their on the mat and off the mat practice.

These hours are counted towards the It’s Yoga International 300 Hr Advanced Program, also registered with the Yoga Alliance.

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Check out a description of IYI 501 from It’s Yoga Firenze’s Michèle Barocchi


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