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The Purpose of the IYI 500 Hr. Program is to be committed to excellence in sharing the Rocket® in the world. By  experiencing, integrating and gaining the expertise, confidence and connection required to serve at a high level, IYI 500 Hr. Rocket Trainers will have the opportunity to step fully into wholeness and authenticy, while gaining the insights into how to open an It’s Yoga Center      and lead IYI Trainings.


100% Commitment to the 500 Hr Rocket Program in order:

  1. IYI 501 (100 Hrs) – “Mastering the It’s Yoga® System”
  2. IYI 502 (100 Hrs) – “Being a Rocket® Trainer”

If your vision is to open an It’s Yoga Center and/or lead trainings, contact to learn more about next steps as it relates to assisting IYI Trainings and Yoga off the Mat.  

Program Components

  • Teach and assist the Rocket Routines authentically and with excellence
  • Looking at your personal Asana Practice from another perspective; gaining feedback to excel on the mat, shifting old patterns
  • Ensuring you and your students are moving from the It’s Yoga® main ingredients of the practice
  • Sharing The Rocket® Routines with all levels of students
  • Re-commit to your daily practice as an instructor – practice what you teach/teach what you practice
  • Life Coaching Tools to achieve personal excellence & healing
  • History/Philosophy of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga through the It’s Yoga® Lens
  • Gaining wisdom in practice and taking it to the next level on and off the mat
  • Learn how to inspire others on and off the mat
  • Presenting yourself as a professional and knowledgeable instructor with tools to be an effective facilitator
  • Being of service as an human being
  • Required reading and journaling, quizzes, peer teaching, written essays


Reasons to participate in this Program

  • Immerse yourself in the practice
  • Gain 100 credit hours towards IYI 500-Hour Teacher Training Certification and Yoga Alliance 300 Hr. Advanced Training
  • Create space to focus on yourself and your visions for the future
  • Meet other It’s Yoga® Trainers
  • Enjoy the It’s Yoga® Lifestyle
  • Return home inspired and focused for the future
  • Be part of the It’s Yoga® International Community
  • Witness Transformation in yourself and others
  • Step up your game on and off the mat!

World Class Facilitators

Marie Russel, Director of IYI & Guest Instructors.    Having had a committed and consistent Rocket® practice with Larry Schultz, its creator for 7 years daily, as his student, wife and partner, Marie’s expertise in the It’s Yoga System is deeply rooted and established and will be sure to inspire YOU to greater heights.  She has been teaching since 2004, and been a part of over 50 It’s Yoga Teacher Trainings,  supporting hundreds of students to manifest their dreams, on and off the mat.

Who is This Training For?

IYI 500 is designed for It’s Yoga International 200 Hr.  and It’s Yoga International 50/100 Hr. Rocket Graduates who have a deep connection to the Rocket Routines, and are committed to sharing the love of the practice at the highest level.
Up until 501 I thought I had started the 300hr It’s Yoga training because I wanted to certify as 500hr yoga teacher, train other teachers, stand on my hands strongly and deepen my knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga and the Rocket. I did, and I continue to, get all of those but more than all of that I am growing into myself, breaking through internal barriers so that I can fly, free of burdening thoughts, on and off the mat.”
Raphaelle Romana

500 Hr. Graduate, It's Yoga International - Tenerife

Routines You Will Be Certified to Teach

Full integration of all IYI Routines, Full Primary Series, Modified Primary Series, Rocket 1, Rocket 2, Rocket 3

What's An "IYI Rocket Trainer"?

Being an IYI 500 HR Rocket Trainer means you are 100% committed to the It’s Yoga System and the Rocket Routines as designed by their creator, Larry Schultz. An IYI 500 Hr Trainer has the opportunity to earn 100 percent commitment from IYI to support them in opening an It's Yoga Center, leading trainings, and living an empowered and authentic life.

Certifications & Registrations

Yoga Alliance RYT - 500 - people who have completed 300 additional hours towards Yoga Alliance 500 hr and are welcome to register directly with the Yoga Alliance at that level

IYI 500 - It's Yoga International Rocket Trainer who is registered with It’s Yoga International and encouraged to complete assisting and Yoga off the Mat and learn about how to open an It's Yoga Center and lead trainings!!!  It is our intention to serve the world by offering transformation through the practice of yoga, on and off the mat - thus,  awakening humanity to our Divine potential and Reality.

IYI 501 – Mastering the It’s Yoga® System

This training is designed for those who desire to learn the “ins and outs” of the It’s Yoga System of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, the Rocket, our rich history, loving culture, worldwide community, and insight into our Visions for the future.

IYI 502 – Being a Rocket® Trainer

This Training is specifically for those who have completed the IYI 501, and are ready to begin leading Trainings &/or Opening an It’s Yoga® Center. We will move through modules around “The Commerce of Yoga”, advanced tools for enlightenment on and off the mat – while fully embracing the principle of Abundance!

IYI 500 Trainings Around the World

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