We enrolled our children, Ruby (3) and Adam (1), in the oldest Montessori school in our area this September.  When we went to our visit during the summer, Ruby was enrolled in another “Montessori” school,  however, we had started to realize that it may not be the most inspiring or consistent environment for her and as aligned to the Montessori system as the name would imply.   We scheduled and met with an administration advisor who generously spent an hour with us discussing the method and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, and offered us the privilege of observing the classrooms in action and speaking with teachers.

In the first 5 minutes, we knew that this was the real deal.  The energy was peaceful, the teachers were bright, patient, pleasant, but even more important, the children were peaceful & kind, little masters welcoming our Ruby into the room.  There was an energy of equality and respect in the air that I could literally reach out and touch.  I informed our guide that Ruby was currently in a “Montessori” school but it certainly wasn’t the same experience and she said, well, this is the only accredited, authentic Montessori school in the area.

This fact statement rang a bell for me and Daniel.  We locked eyes and knew instantly that this was the place for our children. We are all about authenticity. Say what you are and be what you say you are – Larry would say, practice what you teach, and teach what you practice.

This experience nurtured me big time, as we are again in the conversation with It’s Yoga® International and The Rocket®  – around how to best serve the community while maintaining Larry’s Legacy, the authenticity of the It’s Yoga® System, and of course, the well known and much loved Rocket® Routines.  Here’s my take away: the school that Ruby will be moving from, that says it is Montessori, only has a semblance of the “Montessori” method.  You see, not all the teachers are certified from an accredited school, standards are not presented and met, and the facility does not meet the requirements to be a accredited on Montessori school.  To be accredited Montessori takes a major commitment and full devotion to the Montessori method,  and not everyone choices to go the distance – although many schools in the area call themselves Montessori, there is only one that embodies its genius 100%.

In terms of It’s Yoga, we see this often.  It looks like the Rocket, sometimes it feels like it, but without the It’s Yoga accreditation, the standards and authenticity are absent, or let’s just say, there is more to be desired in the off the mat expression of The Rocket.  I see it online – teachers teaching the “Rocket” and their language and energy is not aligned to the language of the Authentic self…its only an observation, and believe me, we want students who study The Rocket to get the experience of It’s Yoga that inspires the practice to be attainable and real.

As we move forward and continue educating, informing and inviting Rocket® practitioners and instructors to re-engage and fully step into accreditation and certification through It’s Yoga® International, we ask that you remember Larry’s quote, “It’s Yoga is the Montessori school for Yoga Instructors.”  This primary education is essential, grounding, and designed to affirm in each person, the training tools/techniques, authenticity and generosity of Spirit that is essential to bring the planet to a higher vibration.  Rocket® Instructors in the It’s Yoga® system and accreditation, have been trained in the highest level of education in the Rocket® available – not only in the physical aspects of the practice, but in the emotional, intellectual, and Spiritual aspects so that we are serving from a place of WHOLENESS.

Consider this: The Founder of It’s Yoga®, Larry Schultz, is the creator of The Rocket®, that is a Fact.  Where else could you find his full Legacy and more importantly his intentions and vision for the Rocket carried on?  It’s Yoga® International is 100% committed to maintaining his Living Legacy, and as I have been so blessed to experience recently, the difference is palpable.  The purpose of accreditation is to be fully aligned to the Founders’ intentions, genius, and discoveries and the institutions that are in place after Founders have moved on – with the intention of preserving the methods to be passed on and utilized to the the fullest potential.

Our invitation?  Go for the real deal.  It may be more difficult at first, there may be additional costs, you may need to sit in the circle with us, but the bottom line is that if you want to experience the The Rocket in its essence, it is through an accredited It’s Yoga.  This is not about a specific teacher, its about the System.  And It’s Yoga® is the partner to The Rocket® that grounds it so that it can truly Soar.  Like Montessori, “We believe that each person is unique and capable. We believe in nurturing the whole person by creating a community where the heart of the individual is as important as challenging the intellect.”  Whole is the key word here – that’s the main reason we created 300/500 Hr. Programs in The Rocket® – without It’s Yoga the Rocket would become just another physical activity spinning around the universe aimlessly.  After all, when students ask what is “The Rocket?” It’s only natural to reply, “It’s Yoga!”

Montessori philosophy and curriculum promotes an understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness of all that exists and a consequent social policy that teaches we are stewards of the earth…Larry was so spot on to call It’s Yoga the comparable for yoga instructors….

Visit the program description page to see about becoming a registered member of It’s Yoga International – continue your learning, be humble, be open, and remember, you can’t DO yoga, it can DO you.  We hold the vision that all who are teaching the Rocket and the It’s Yoga System in the world, will join us,  after all, “Now is the time for Yoga.” Sutra1:1.

With Respect, Love & Namaste,


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