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Legacy, Lineage, and Authenticity

The It’s Yoga International Membership Registry in an initiative started by Marie Russel and the It’s Yoga International Community, with the sole intention of continuing the Legacy, Lineage, and Authenticity of the It’s Yoga® System & The Rocket® Routines of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as it was offered by Larry Schultz (1950 – 2011), its Founder and Creator.  

Marie Russel was Larry’s devoted student, wife, and partner for 7 years (2004 – 2011), and was directed and entrusted, by Larry, to continue the It’s Yoga & Rocket legacy.  She is fully committed to ensuring that Larry’s gifts to the world are preserved, honored and disseminated in a way that reflects his authentic teachings.



This membership is designed to bring together It’s Yoga® graduates, Rocket® practitioners and instructors by offering licensing, registration, and certification that will inspire connection, commitment and consistency within the growing international community. 

To create and support a loving, whole, unified group of instructors that are fully aligned to the Mission of It’s Yoga, “To share the Love of the Practice.”

To bring those who learned The Rocket®  outside the It’s Yoga International Trainings together under One umbrella.

To offer continuing education in the Essence of the Rocket® practice and The It’s Yoga System of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and a path towards full certification.

To carry out Larry Schultz’s vision  “A million yoga instructors to save the world.”

To be an integral part of the transformation of humanity towards living a life centered in Love, through embodying the practice of Yoga on and off the mat.

Benefits of It’s Yoga International Membership

Promote and establish yourself as an It’s Yoga Registered Instructor

Members are listed in our international directory of instructors on where thousands of people visit to engage and learn about The Rocket® and the It’s Yoga System® of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Visibility & Registration on

All members will have an online “business card” wiith a picture of yourself and your contact information.*

Use the It’s Yoga® International/Rocket® Logos

Use these logos on your website/promotions related to your level of designation within the It’s Yoga International Certifications (200,300,500).

Access webinars/online circles

Offered to support you in developing your practice and teaching, in addition to offering us an opportunity to engage in between trainings with IYI.

Assist It’s Yoga International Certified Rocket Trainers

Being a member offers you a unique opportunity to learn from the Masters in the It’s Yoga® Rocket System. Hours of assisting are used towards certification at the 500 Hr. Level.

Receive referrals from It’s Yoga International

We receive requests daily from around the world from those looking for information on registered/certified It’s Yoga®/Rocket® instructors in their communities.  Becoming a member ensures that we can connect you with the students that are looking for you!

Receive 50% discounts

Online training circles, workshops and online products.

Licensed rights

Use the It’s Yoga® and Rocket® trademarks and logos on your website and promotions.


Check out how your personal page will look in our Directory

Steps to Apply for Membership

  1. Successfully complete the It’s Yoga International Trainings at the 200, 300, or 500 Hr. Level.  If you have at least 100 Hrs. of  Rocket Training prior to 2016, you may apply for membership at the 300 Hr. Level before June of 2018 to begin moving towards completing your 300 Hr. Rocket Instructors Certification.
  2. Complete the registration form here.
  3. Once your membership is approved – you will be offered a license agreement, brand guidelines, and appropriate logos for your use.
  4. Complete your annual membership investment of 90 USD.
  5. Read & Sign a license agreement to ensure your level of commitment to using the trademarks in alignment with It’s Yoga International.

*IYI is accepting up to 100 Hrs of non-IYI Registered Rocket® Training towards an IYI 300 hour membership.  Please list the training, instructor, dates and Location(s) for consideration.

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