Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What makes the It’s Yoga Teacher Training Program unique?

A: The founder of It’s Yoga, Larry Schultz, studied for seven years under Yoga Master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore India, alongside noted Ashtangis like Tim Miller, Richard Freeman and Nancy Gilgoff. The rigorous, and often rigid discipline of the traditional Ashtanga practice inspired, directed and changed Larry’s life! However, the implementation of this practice was ineffective for the people in Larry’s world, which at the time included the legendary musicians, The Grateful Dead. At their request, Larry developed the Ashtanga Yoga Manual that provided greater clarity to the whole system of Ashtanga. This manual contributed to him being called, the “Bad Man of Ashtanga,” as it was the first book written on Ashtanga, and opened up this powerful practice to practitioners of all levels and lifestyles. In fact, many have found that on the path to Mysore, the first doors they walked through were at It’s Yoga in San Francisco.

We honor the linage and legacy of Ashtanga, and present it Montessori-style, where there is an absence “of correct” or “incorrect.” We encourage you to experience for yourself what makes sense by becoming aware of your feeling body while quieting the thinking mind. We create the space in which you can awaken to your inner teacher, and dissolve the hierarchy of teacher and student. We invite you to share your love of the practice in the way that Krishnamacharya, the father of modern Vinyasa Yoga, believed each student should be taught: “according to his or her individual capacity at any given time.” We are the original school of Progressive Ashtanga as It’s Yoga was the first school to modify the classical system for modern practitioners. We invite you to practice and share your love of the practice in this manner.


Q: Is the It’s Yoga Teacher Training Program appropriate for me if I want to deepen my practice but am not interested in becoming a yoga teacher?

A: Absolutely! Larry would often say that, “just showing up is the hardest part of the practice”. In our 200-hour training, you commit to showing up six days a week for four weeks. In that time, you will experience, from your unique perspective, the benefits of having a committed practice. You will also witness the benefits of knowing the Primary Series, as it will empower you with a full body routine that you can practice for your entire life. Knowing these 72 postures is like knowing a language spoken around the world. Anywhere you go, you can tap into this powerful lineage and masterful tradition, breath-by-breath.


Q: I am new to yoga and am not able to do some advanced postures. Can I take this training?

A: Anyone can take this training. Everybody can benefit from this training. Traditionally, Ashtanga progresses slowly and you will receive permission to do postures one at a time from your teacher. The It’s Yoga System encourages you to try everything, see where your abilities lie, and make modifications to honor what IS. Slowly, over time, free from judgment of your process, repetition will bring success.

Your purpose is decided by you alone. When we say teacher training, we are talking about awakening the Inner Teacher. Waking up your Internal Guidance is a process of bringing stillness and peace to the body and balance and fullness to the breath.

Everyone who makes a commitment to healing themselves is making a difference in the world, and in this there are no levels of ability. Larry often said, “ou cannot get good at yoga. You can only get good at practicing yoga.”


Q: Does this training include The Rocket® routines ?

A: Yes, you will have the opporunity to practice the Rocket daily, and we will explore the Rocket 1 towards the end of the Training.  The foundation of the It’s Yoga 200 Hr Teacher Training is the full Primary Series of Ashtanga. During the training, your morning practice will consist primarily of this series. In the evenings, you will have the opportunity to take as many Rocket classes as you like, however, the sequencing of The Rocket® System can be explored more in depth in the 300Hr Rocket Program. As The Rocket® sequences are based in Ashtanga Vinyasa, the It’s Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training or a deep familiarity with the Primary Series is essential to truly understanding and sharing the Rocket authentically, from its roots.  We are happy to offer graduates of other 200 Hr Programs, the IYI 301 Program, Rocket® Foundations, which transmits to participants a strong foundation in the Primary Series, and the It’s Yoga Tools and techniques essential to learning and practicing The Rocket®.


Q: Is attendance in all the sessions mandatory to receive the It’s Yoga Certification and to be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a registered teacher? What if I have to miss a session?

A: Our practice of flexibility extends to circumstances beyond your control that may come up during the training. We prefer that you participate in the training entirely, and we trust that you will make arrangements to honor your commitment. However, we understand that events may arise and we simply request clear communication from you if you will not be present for a session. One day or more absent will require make up time.  Refunds are unavailable once the Training begins, and hours become billable outside the given timeframes of the training.


Q: How do I receive my certification and register with Yoga Alliance?

A: You will receive your certificate from It’s Yoga once you have completed the following:

  • Successful completion of two-three quizzes and one final exam
  • Demonstration that you can practice on your own in the morning setting
  • Completion of any and all homework assignments and written essays in the Training Workbook and distributed by the Facilitator.
  • Completion of private instruction of a Modified Primary Series to a beginner student.
  • Your written Philosophy of Teaching.
  • Full payment (those on payment plans will have certificates shipped once payment is completed.)

Once you have your certificate, we invite you to go to the Yoga Alliance Website ( where you will complete their application, attach a scanned copy of your certificate and pay a fee.  


200 Hour

Q: Can I teach at It’s Yoga after completing the 200-hour training?

A: That would be great!  Becoming a Facilitator of the practice at It’s Yoga is offered based on availability.  We welcome the opportunity to support your growth as an instructor, and offer internships programs and continuing education to our graduates through  It’s Yoga Registered Courses and Electives. Email for more information.


Q: After the 200-hour It’s Yoga Teacher Training, how can I study the It’s Yoga System more deeply?

A: Joining in IYI 300 Hr. Program – Rocket Intensives 

There are many paths available to you after the training if you wish to remain involved in the It’s Yoga International Community. First among these is staying committed to your daily practice. After the 200 Hr It’s Yoga Training, graduates are welcome to move right into IYI 302: Rocket Take Off.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss options with you and often set up meetings with incoming students.  Email to set up an appointment.

It’s Yoga International’s 500 Hr. Certification/Professionals Program

Continuing Education with It’s Yoga International

We are honored to present the It’s Yoga Community with our 300 Hour Professionals Teacher Training Course.

The purpose of this program is to provide yoga instructors with a path towards greatness and success in the yoga world. By adding an 300 Hrs of Advanced Training in the It’s Yoga System, It’s Yoga International is experiencing its purpose of authenticity and commitment to creating programs and standards for the beloved Rocket Routines of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  While deepening one’s experience with the It’s Yoga System and Rocket Routines, integrating the tools and techiques of the It’s Yoga Sytem, exploring the art of teaching classes and trainings, serving the world through practicing and sharing Yoga, and learning the ins and outs of leading workshops and trainings, these advanced courses provide the tools necessary to be an effective and authentic instructor and facilitator of the It’s Yoga Rocket Routines. This additional 300 Hrs, create and inspire the framework for a lifestyle that reflects one’s desire to serve and contribute to the vision of all beings everywhere are happy and free.

Learning to lead effective classes and trainings takes discipline and commitment . We are privileged to offer the following structure to our growing community.


Track 1 – for graduates of the It’s Yoga International Registered 200 Hr Programs

IYI 302: Learning to fly 100 Hours of Rocket Training (Intensives and Electives)

IYI 501: 100 Hours of Mastering the It’s Yoga System

IYI 502: 100 Hours – Becoming a Rocket Trainer

Once a participant has completed the above requirements, they are eligible to become an It’s Yoga Trainer – IYI 500. Having this distinction provides one with the opportunities to travel and host trainings and retreats with It’s Yoga International, in addition to having the qualifications be a senior instructor at an It’s Yoga Studio and/or opening an It’s Yoga Center.


Track 2 – for graduates of other 200 Hr Yoga Alliance Registered Programs

IYI 301: Rocket Foundations

IYI 302: Learning to fly (open to IYI 200 Hr Grads as well

IYI 501: Mastering the It’s Yoga System

Once a participant has completed the above requirements, they are eligible to become an It’s Yoga International Rocket Instructor and register as  IYI 300. Having this distinction gives graduates the opportunity to be visible on, and to Register with the only organization granting accreditation to Rocket Instructors.  It’s Yoga International is committed to supporting our Rocket Instructors in success professionally and personally.

Our purpose is to share the love of the practice, and we are here to support It’s Yoga Graduates in personal and professional excellence. We want to show you what the practice has to offer so that you will continue to grow in the practice of Yoga. We want you to overflow with the benefits so that you will be excited and eager to share them. The best way to stay connected is to practice everyday, and when you are off the mat, remember the It’s Yoga Philosophy: “Relax. Breathe. Go with the Flow.” You’re doing great!

500 Hour

Q: Is this program registered with the Yoga Alliance?



The Yoga Alliance creates standards for programs which is important as the Yoga world expands.  However, the Yoga Alliance is a registration rather than an accreditation; they do not have the infrastructure to ensure programs or instructors are following the standards that they require.  A school must provide paperwork and fees to register.  When searching for any yoga training program we recommend participants search for a school that has a history and lineage, and where the instructors practice what they teach, and teach what they practice.  It’s Yoga was established in 1989 and has been training instructors since 1997.  We are fully committed to ensuring our Trainers are authenitc and rooted in integrity.  Our programs provide continuing education, connection and mentoring.  We welcome you to join the It’s Yoga International Membership & Registration, in addition to the Yoga Alliance.

Q: Does my 200 Hour Certification count towards my 500 Hour Certification?


Yes, your 200 hour It’s Yoga Teacher Training counts for 200 Hours towards 500 Hours of Training.  You will have 300 Hours to complete to receive your 500 hour Certification though It’s Yoga International.

300 Hour

Q: What’s the order I should follow to complete all my hours?



We offer two Tracks in gaining an additional 300 Hrs of Training with It’s Yoga International.

Option 1 – Once you complete the It’s Yoga 200 Hr Training at any of our registered affiliations, you may participate in the It’s Yoga 302 Program (100 Hrs of Rocket Training) or any registered IYI 50 Hr or 100 Hr Rocket Training.  After a minimum of 50 Hrs of Rocket Training, and 3 months of teaching the It’s Yoga System and Rocket Routines, we welcome you to the It’s Yoga International 501 Course, Mastering the It’s Yoga System.  After this, IYI 502, Becoming a Rocket Trainer. There are a  remaining 50 Hrs of Electives required, done as IYI Internships and Mentoring and Life Coaching Programs, Assisting, Observations, It’s Yoga Kids Training and any approved elective.  Completing the It’s Yoga 200 Hr Training gives graduates the opportunity to have 500 Hrs in the It’s Yoga System, and the opportunity to lead trainings, open an It’s Yoga Studio, and serve in collaboration with It’s Yoga International.  Feel free to email for more information.

Option 2 – If you are a graduate of another 200 Hr, Yoga Alliance registered course, It’s Yoga International is now offering a 300 Hr Series, to support yoga instructors in becoming an It’s Yoga International Registered & Certified Rocket® Instructor.  It’s Yoga International is the only organization fully committed to the Living Legacy of the Creator of the Rocket Routines, Larry Schultz Lineage.  Founded by Marie Russel, Schultz’s wife and collaborator of 7 years, Marie and her team of It’s Yoga Trainers, Affiliates, Advisors and Board of Directors share the purpose of honoring Larry’s Legacy by being united, authentic and grateful to share the love of the practice passed on to them – experiencing the Joy of community, purpose and devotion to the It’s Yoga System, as delivered by Larry Schultz through the Krishnamachariya Lineage. Participating in the It’s Yoga Registered programs provides incoming practitioners and instructors an opportunity to join our international community of trainers on, and to be a part of our growing organization, dedicated to personal and professional excellence. Feel free to email for more information.

The 300 Hr Program consists of 1.  IYI 301, Rocket Foundations, 100 Hrs of Training in 10 Days offered at It’s Yoga Affiliations, 2.  IYI 302, Rocket Take Off, additional 100 Hrs of Rocket Training at It’s Yoga Affiliates, followed by 3.  IYI 501, Mastering the It’s Yoga System, a Retreat Style training of 7 days.  A minimum of 3-6 months of teaching the Rocket is required prior to participation in the IYI 501 Course.

Being an It’s Yoga Registered Rocket trainer demonstrates your commitment to authenticity, community and service.  We welcome you to join us as we share the Love in the world.

Terms and Conditions

Q: What are the payment and refund policies for the It’s Yoga Teacher Training?

A: Deposit: Most training require a deposit secure your space in the training location and dates of your choice. The deposit is non-refundable, however, transferable based on availability should you choose to change locations and dates. This deposit will always be available to you toward future trainings or memberships should you decide you can no longer attend.  Once the Training begins, no refunds, for any reason, are granted.

Full Tuition: Our 200 Hr. Trainings are around 3000 USD depending on location.  The full tuition of the 301, 302 and 501 training, depending on location and dates is around 1650 USD for tuition only. After the deposit is made, the remaining balance of is due on the first day of training, unless you have a payment plan established, required before participation. 

Materials: The tuition for the 200 Hr Training includes the It’s Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Manual, the supplementary workbook, a chant CD and booklet and a DVD of the Primary Series taught by Larry Schultz in the a digital format (stream and download). A binder will also be provided with all teacher-training handouts. The only materials that you will want to purchase are a journal and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, with commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda. Unlimited group classes during the training are included. Tuition for the 300 Hr. Program includes manual (s), binders and workbooks and digital versions of Rocket videos.

Payment Plans: We will work with you on a plan that meets your needs. Payment plans will be set to auto-debit from credit cards only. Certificates will not be issued until payment plans have been completed, and a plan is required prior to participation in the first day of any It’s Yoga Training.  We do offer payment plans with a 20% additional fee to absorb transactional and administrative fees.

Early Bird: Visit to see about promotions and early bird rates. All discounts require full payment up front. To receive the training at this rate, full payment must be made 45 days prior to the first day of training, unless specified otherwise on the event page

Refunds & Cancellations: Except for the deposit, tuition can be refunded up to 10 days prior to the start date of the training. Once the training begins, refunds can not be processed. For the 200 Hr Training, should you find that you cannot complete a training within ten days of starting, you will be able to join the next training at no cost. If you take more than 14 days of the training and need to return at another time to complete, you will be charged half tuition. We accept all major credit cards, Paypal transactions, international bank transfers or checks.   100 Hr Rocket Trainings Tuitions are non-refundable once the first day begins, and deposits are non-refundable, however transferable based on availability.

All IYI events have a minimum student number for them to take place. Students will be notified of any changes up to 4 weeks before their start date. IYI recommends travel insurance for accommodation and transport.

Each event is offered in the currency and price relative to location. Note that IYI centers have individual payment arrangements, according to local legislation and commerce tools.

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