A curveball, in the It’s Yoga lingo, is anything you didn’t ask for, but got anyway, something you didn’t see coming. My first “curveball” that I remember being dubbed as such, was when I left San Francisco after my training, got in the car, arrived to the airport, and realized I had forgotten my phone and wallet in the car.  I called It’s Yoga SF freaking out.  Larry, who never answered the phone, answered the phone. When I told him what had happened he said, “Well, that’s a curveball, do you trust It’s Yoga?”

“Yes,” I said, “but I can’t get on the plane without my ID.”  

He replied, “Take three breaths, then go back outside and I bet Wisler is there.”

As fate would have it, Wisler, Larry’s personal driver, realized I had left my belongings and was waiting for me just outside the door.  He had already called Larry and said that if I reached him, that he’d wait by the entrance for me.  And thus, began the many opportunities I would have to process and experience “curveballs,” and learn about “trusting It’s Yoga.”  

What I learned?

That if it wasn’t for all these and many other curveballs, I wouldn’t know how to hit a ball.

I got a tumor in my hip at 19 and was guided towards It’s Yoga for healing on a deeper level.  I would learn to take responsibility for that tumor during teacher training a few years later, when I learned (thank you Ashley Nunn for that presentation on Chakras) that hips are where we hold emotions and feelings of guilt about our sexuality.  Interesting!!!   Around 18-19 I was just coming into my sexuality and was judging myself SO fiercely about having “sex out of wedlock” —and liking it!!!! My negative thoughts were so unhealthy that I literally created a mass of energy in my hip. For sure I was going to be punished for this “sin” and thus, learned about the power of my own thoughts to do just that!  But even what seemed like a “punishment” was a blessing and gift.  I was going to soon learn to ultimately embody a whole new thought system – where punishment is impossible where Love is present (pre-sent).  

I fell in love with an older man who taught me about yoga (union), love and life to the point that I became a Master directed to carry on his legacy &  lineage.  I followed my heart in the relationship despite the judgements, and got “barbequed” by how that decision was seemingly tearing my friends & family apart –  which led Larry to introduce me to Dorothy Divack, my coach and mentor for over 12 years. She opened up a whole new thought system that encouraged me to own my truth and trust the process.  That only Love is Real.  That I am not responsible for everyone’s happiness.  That it was actually egoic to think that I could make others happy.   That I could have faith that everyone in my life and in the world had a path, and that God was with them every step of the way.  My family learned acceptance and now we have all sorts of crazy beautiful Love happening all around.  

I abandoned my career path and embraced a new lifestyle. Did not see that coming.  I learned how to walk the walk and that sometimes I couldn’t be in two places at the same time.  That commitment to my purpose in life would be a full time job.  I learned how to lead international trainings with confidence, passion and expertise.  I watched friends and colleagues make decisions that broke my heart, and practiced and learned about forgiveness and tolerance.  I became a widow at 30 and met Daniel 3 months later.  I miscarried more than I’d like to admit, and learned how to heal my relationship with mySelf, and now have two gorgeous angelic children from God.

Curveballs are the stuff we didn’t ask for, but got anyway.  They make us stronger, they teach us how to shed the layers of our armor to get to the Truth of who we are and what we are here to experience  – and ultimately to transcend.  To learn that the thoughts we choose to value have a direct and real relationship with our bodies, and that in order to be truly healthy, and authentic, we need to heal our relationship to our Creator, and learn to Trust again.

Larry would say often that when we were “getting barbequed” or feeling afraid, we should ask for more.  That transformation was happening, and that you can’t mess up.  It’s all for learning.  He was so right.  

I am eternally grateful to the Weaver of this tapestry called Life, that brings together the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad, the disturbing, the unacceptable and the beautiful, in one big colorful quilt, to keep us warm, while leading us to realize that we are, indeed, “stronger than we think we are.”

Namaste, friends.  You’ve got this.  When a curveball comes your way, take three breaths, and Trust,  it’s Yoga.  If I can support you in any way, let me know, I am here – and it’s a privilege to serve you on your journey through curveballs and beyond.  Let’s do this together.

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