Live from Mexico City

with Marie Russel

An Intimate Session from Sunday, October 14.  Join Us!

“Only Love is Real.”
The Way of Mastery

In this vibrant and dynamic Rocket® class, Marie will lovingly guide practitioners through this empowering routine of breathing and moving in communion with your Spirit.  Accessing the universal truth, that Only Love is Real, is a process of letting go of all the barriers in the way of realizing your true nature and connection to Love. In this world-renowned Rocket® 3 sequence, affectionately dubbed the  “Happy Hour” we know you feel the love and happiness as you move into the rest of your day!

The Rocket® is designed to quiet the thinking mind, and wake up the feeling body.  Be ready to move at a faster pace in order to slow down to the realization that, “Only Love is Real.”


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