One Blood

One Blood

One Blood

When I was 14 my family went to Jamaica.  I loved it – the culture, the beautiful people, the weather…

One day in the market – I came across these necklaces that had the statement “One Blood” on the pendant.  All different sizes, colors, they were everywhere!  I asked one of the men selling them, what does that mean, One Blood?

He took my hand, and wrapped his around it, and said with a brilliant and bright smile, “One Blood.”

The truth to that statement still brings chills to my spine.  One Blood.  One family, one race…. just One.  

Today is what would be Larry Schultz’s 68th birthday here on Planet Earth.  As I go about my day, the memories of celebrating his birthday’s together are with me.  I feel held by the IYI Rocket® trainers that have shared messages and pictures in our It’s Yoga International WhatsApp group knowing that legacy continues through them – it truly warms my  heart.  It reminds me that each day with the ups and downs, the challenges of operating an international business, of preserving Larry’s gifts to the world, of growing as a woman, a mother, and a wife, as a human being – that we are One Blood.  The ones who have left are simply in the other room, still One with us, In Love.

So, Happy Birthday Larry.  We are still here sharing the Love, like you inspired, taught and trusted us to  – and we carry the torch forward to future generations as we grow It’s Yoga, The Rocket, as we share the trainings, and as we contribute to the awakening of humanity to our Divine reality, we are One Blood.

With Love and Namaste,


10 Years Ago Today

10 Years Ago Today

October 4 2007, I walked up a hill to a door on Franklin Street in San Francisco.  I knocked, and the door was answered by the magnificent Dorothy Divack.  As my mentor and coach, the Godmother of It’s Yoga, and who we like to refer to as the “oracle” she greeted us with her signature smile and warm embrace –  and in we walked.  This was a big day in my evolution, and she knew it.


I went into the back room, changed my clothes, and met her and Larry in the living room.  Flowers, clean and spacious, of course.  Larry and her were laughing about something, and before I knew it, we began.


About 20 minutes later, we signed papers, took some pictures and off we went over the Golden Gate bridge, as husband and wife.


Since this day, 10 years ago, when I decided I would indeed, marry my yoga teacher, who was  30 years my senior, and raised Jewish to my Christian, I have attended my sister’s wedding to a beautiful black man whose father immigrated to the US from Nigeria, a cousin married a lovely Indian woman raised Hindu in Bombay, a friend’s brother married his (male) college sweetheart and danced to Frank Sinatra so tenderly, a (female) colleague married a woman she loved through facebook in Germany, and this upcoming weekend another cousin from Dubai will marry her best friend, who happens to be Muslim.


A lot has changed in the last 10 years.  We have grown in so many ways, we have celebrated our differences and come to the conclusion, again and again, that Love is so much bigger than colors and body parts and the places we choose to be born and the families we choose to raise us.  It is ever more clear, that to the extent that we continue to nurture that truth, that only LOVE is real, and fully embrace our fellow human beings as friends, as brothers and sisters, as extensions of ourselves –  the end war and suffering will follow.  All our problems today and always have been our inability and unwillingness to realize that we are all rays of light coming from one Sun, that we are united whether we want to be or not.


Today, 10 years ago, I was brave enough to listen to my inner guidance, and that decision, has brought so much more love and light into my life than I could have ever seen back then.  I trust that as we continue to watch our Mother Earth, un-Earth, and political systems shift and change, that we will in our own worlds, love each other, unconditionally, and with our whole hearts.  Only love is real friends.  


Love and Peace today and always, and in all-ways,




Will you still Love me, when I’m 66?

Greetings Friends of It’s Yoga International:

Trust all is peaceful with you, as we celebrate what is Larry’s 66th birthday today, November 14th. I am yet again, invited to reflect upon his gifts to the world. As the Founder of The It’s Yoga® System of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Larry’s vision of unity opened the doors to anyone and everyone who wanted to practice Ashtanga. He was brave enough to create The ROCKET® when the system in place was closed to any modifications. He listened to his inner guide, his internal wisdom, and made choices that reflected his willingness to take the path less traveled, to co-create with the Divine, and to share his love of the practice with the world. I am honored that Larry entrusted me with his most precious gifts to the world, and I am committed to sharing them with authenticity, grace, and excellence.

Larry used to say it was going to take “a million yoga teachers to save the world!” What I’ve come to understand from that statement, is that it is going to take ALL of us, to step up our game, to be the LIGHT we see and feel when we’re on the mat. And even more so, in these times, it is the way that we show up OFF the mat, that is going to make all the difference. If you are a yoga instructor and want to expand your practice and teaching, consider It’s Yoga® and The ROCKET® as your vehicle. Our new 300 Hr. Program is designed to give you the tools that will inspire, inform, and direct your life’s work.

Click here for more information on our 2017 Trainings

We look forward to seeing YOU in the circle.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Larry, we love you.

With love, respect and NAMASTE,


It’s Yoga International

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