I am a Beginner, again.

It’s a new year, and with it a new-ness to everything.  And I realize, that indeed, I am a beginner, again.

Larry Schultz used to say that the only difference between you and me, is that I have 63,000 Sun Salutes in my hands.  Then he would hold out his large and spacious hands, and laugh his signature laugh.  “Every day, I wake up,” he would say, “I am a beginner again.”

Today, I find myself very much a beginner again in all that I thought I mastered.  In A Course in Miracles, lesson 7 – “I see only the past.”   On my mat, moving through the Salutes with presence of my hands and feet,  in my life as a mother, in my home –  in this new country, a beginner learning a new language.  Everything is new again, and I am beginning to understand what it means to be a beginner, again.

So I read my Purpose for being here, and continue breathing, being, and bending, deeply at times, to see that there is Light in all things, and when being a beginner is hard, I know that I am judging my process.  The only difference between us, is the number of Sun Salutes in our hands.  I can choose again, as a beginner, and simply observe the rising of the sun within me as I begin another year of Mastering….

Keep breathing friends, let’s join in being beginners this year: open, fresh, curious, new and Trusting that all things, are exactly as they should be.

With Love and Namaste,


Will you still Love me, when I’m 66?

Greetings Friends of It’s Yoga International:

Trust all is peaceful with you, as we celebrate what is Larry’s 66th birthday today, November 14th. I am yet again, invited to reflect upon his gifts to the world. As the Founder of The It’s Yoga® System of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Larry’s vision of unity opened the doors to anyone and everyone who wanted to practice Ashtanga. He was brave enough to create The ROCKET® when the system in place was closed to any modifications. He listened to his inner guide, his internal wisdom, and made choices that reflected his willingness to take the path less traveled, to co-create with the Divine, and to share his love of the practice with the world. I am honored that Larry entrusted me with his most precious gifts to the world, and I am committed to sharing them with authenticity, grace, and excellence.

Larry used to say it was going to take “a million yoga teachers to save the world!” What I’ve come to understand from that statement, is that it is going to take ALL of us, to step up our game, to be the LIGHT we see and feel when we’re on the mat. And even more so, in these times, it is the way that we show up OFF the mat, that is going to make all the difference. If you are a yoga instructor and want to expand your practice and teaching, consider It’s Yoga® and The ROCKET® as your vehicle. Our new 300 Hr. Program is designed to give you the tools that will inspire, inform, and direct your life’s work.

Click here for more information on our 2017 Trainings

We look forward to seeing YOU in the circle.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Larry, we love you.

With love, respect and NAMASTE,


It’s Yoga International

Is it “The Rocket®” or “Rocket Yoga”…that is the Question…

11206978_862652170472880_3516704163008764776_nLately there has been a lot of social media posting of trainings, classes in “Rocket Yoga.”  It reminds me of how Larry Schultz, (the creator of It’s Yoga® and The Rocket®, 1950-2011) used to say that you should never put your name in front of Yoga.

I am also reminded of when Larry was invited to Kripalu to share The Rocket.® They published marketing materials calling his event, “Lift off into the New Year with Rocket Vinyasa Yoga.”  At first, he thought it was great, “look at this Inny “(his nick-name for me), “The Rocket is its own Yoga now!”

Then he contemplated, as most Yoga masters do, and had me call Kripalu to see if we could get it changed.  “Never put your name in front of Yoga” he said.  “That’s why we call it “It’s Yoga, ” because It’s about the Yoga.  The Rocket® is a part of It’s Yoga.”  And It’s Yoga, is a progressive, modern perspective on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

The Rocket® originated as a series that Larry created when he was on tour with the Grateful Dead.  The Rocket® is a sequence that brought advanced postures of ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA to beginners.  The Rocket® is based in a faster tempo, and is comprised of 3 main routines, Rocket 1, 2 and 3 – and their variations.  The routines evolved over time, and as Larry continued to teach them to the members of the band, he asked Bob Weir, “what should we call this Bob?” And he said, “The ROCKET! ”

“Why?” Larry asked, “because it gets you there faster! ” Bob said.GD BW Pose

“I love it!” Larry said.

And that is why we still call it “The Rocket®.”  Larry brought The Rocket®  Routines back to It’s Yoga SF when he came home from touring with the Grateful Dead.  Some old time students remember the controversy of changing the Primary series/second series/third sequences of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  Purists in the Ashtanga Vinyasa community left, and many more were attracted to this fun and inclusive practice at It’s Yoga.  The practitioners at It’s Yoga got seriously strong, and it happened at Rocket speed, no pun intended.  Over the years, people started to literally fly.

And it was all happening at It’s Yoga San Francisco, The Rocket blasted off each day at 4:30 in the afternoon.  It really wasn’t practiced anywhere else.  When Larry started to teach teacher trainings around 1996-1997, people began to come from all over the world.  They loved It’s Yoga and The Rocket.  The energy, the people, the practice.  It’s Yoga SF was the 3rd Yoga studio in SF and there are now over 140 in the Bay Area!  Larry’s classes were full, loving and transformational and It’s Yoga SF was a unique and beautiful space to welcome people to each day.




Time to TRAIN….

As It’s Yoga grew internationally, more and more people requested Rocket Trainings.  The It’s Yoga 200 Hr. is based in Ashtanga Vinyasa, and has its own genius around how to modify the practice for western practitioners.  Larry started getting together a manual, and some videos, and began offering trainings in The Rocket® for people who graduated the It’s Yoga 200 Hr Training.  It was so important to have the foundation of the 200 Hr.  Larry knew there was no way teach people in 5-10 days, without that basic It’s Yoga training under their belt.  Even then, it was clear, more and more training was essential to maintain authenticity and establish trust with those taking The Rocket® out into the world.

Larry really wanted to have standards and organization for It’s Yoga and The Rocket.  He trademarked  It’s Yoga® and as he used to say, he “ran out of money” in the process of trademarking “The Rocket.”  So, it was important to IYI that we follow this through….I am grateful to say that now, The Rocket ®,  is a registered trademark (another article on this coming soon).  IYI has spent considerable time and energy to bring The Rocket® full circle, and I am confident to say, with certainty, that Larry is in LOVE with the fact the IYI has created  300 Hr. and 500 Hr. Programs to offer a comprehensive program in the It’s Yoga Rocket System.


Larry often shared, “practice what you teach, and teach what you practice.”  It sounds so simple, however, we see every day, those trained in one thing, teaching another.  Our Trainings are designed to support people in becoming great practitioners, on and off the mat.  The Rocket® deserves that and more, after all, It’s Yoga!

The bottom line, The Rocket® and It’s Yoga® are in a sacred union.  They go together like peanut butter and jelly, shiva and shakti, yin and yang.  Larry brought The Rocket home to It’s Yoga in the early 1990s, and It’s Yoga nurtured, expanded, and blew The Rocket® out the door and into the world.  That’s a beautiful thing.  Many people believed It’s Yoga was Larry, and with him gone, it does not exist anymore.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Larry used to say, I am not “It’s Yoga…..I work for It’s Yoga!   Each day I wake up and say, ‘How can I serve It’s Yoga today?…”  It’s Yoga is the rock from which The Rocket® takes off.  It’s Yoga and The Rocket came through Larry, they are his gifts to the planet and they belong to the Universe.  IYI is fully devoted to maintaining their legacy, and authenticity.

And thus, as the steward of It’s Yoga, it is my request, and invitation, that those that want to teach The Rocket®, come to It’s Yoga®, to learn of its ESSENCE.  So when people ask you, what’s “The Rocket?” you will know with your whole heart, It’s Yoga.its yoga international logo

March 2016 Newsletter

March 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

February 27th, marked the 5 year anniversary of our Founder, Friend and Teacher, Larry Schultz’s transition from this life to the next. In these 5 years, It’s Yoga has changed form as well, although, our dedication and commitment to the Rocket® and Larry’s Living Legacy remains strong and continues to expand the vision of It’s Yoga: to share the love of the practice!

This last month, I was, yet again, reminded of the essence of It’s Yoga. We completed a 200 Hr. Training in Mexico City, and in the final circle a few of the participants shared how they had been a part of many teacher trainings, and that the It’s Yoga Training stood apart in it’s ability to inspire a family atmosphere rooted in love. It warmed my heart to hear this, and I shared this with the group, and now with all of you, that that is what Larry was all about, and that is the Spirit of It’s Yoga: family and love.

Larry was able to transmit the practice with a generosity of Spirit and humor that was truly unique. As the Founder of It’s Yoga and the Creator of the Rocket®, his vision was a million yoga teachers to change the world. Larry committed his life to empowering practitioners of yoga with the tools to share their practice in their communities. He inspired everyone he trained, all over the world, to pick up their mat and commit to their personal practice. Knowing that, from a daily connection to our inner teacher, all would be revealed, all would be healed, and we would indeed manifest our dreams.

And that is what we are up to, with It’s Yoga International.

Check out our IYI Community Page on itsyoga.com! It’s Yoga has trained over 5000 students in our life-affirming curriculum, and I invite you all to get on itsyoga.com and fill out the form and register with IYI! This offers us the opportunity to deepen our connection and offer the world ways to find It’s Yoga trained instructors.

In addition, visit the IYI Certifications Page, clarifying the 200 Hr., 300 Hr., and 500 Hr. designations with It’s Yoga International. We look to inspire you to continue and/or to start your journey on the Rocket®, and join the It’s Yoga International Family! We are dedicated to extending Peace on Earth through the practice of yoga, on and off the mat, and you are invited.

Thank you for you reading this newsletter, and for your continued support of It’s Yoga and the Rocket®. We truly are changing the world, one training at a time.



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