Anders Asker

Anders Asker


What does yoga mean to me? Yoga is a way of understanding myself and furthermore: realizing my true self. When I was very young, I bought a book titled Yoga. I hardly think I read it. Mainly, I looked at the pictures. Much later, around age 28, I was challenged by the Kundalini Yoga System. So, I got into that for quite some time. That was 21 years ago and life has seen me through many different styles. When I met Larry Schultz, he introduced me to Ashtanga Vinyasa. I stepped onto the Rocket® Train and didn’t get off! Suddenly, Alan Finger jumped out of the TV screen and stepped into our yoga studio in Stockholm. He taught me instrumental teaching tools that helped me scientifically convey the art and knowledge of Hatha Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda. Yoga is much more than teaching people how to breathe and to put their bodies in different Postures of alignment. But on the surface: this is a big part of it: learning mudras, bandhas, pranayama and asana. The interesting part is what goes on on the subtle planes: the invisible work of transformation. If we learn the forms: the Latter follows. Isn’t that great? So the road Continues, or maybe we’re in a bigger boat now? I am grateful and touched by the opportunity to be in the company of such great teachers. I will hopefully add my contribution by spreading this invincible tool for self-liberation and realization in the auspicious times that we live in. Bless you all. 

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