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"The Mission of It's Yoga is to Share the Love of the Practice." - Larry Schultz


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IYI 200 Hr. Trainings

Open to everyone who is dedicated to laying a solid foundation for their personal practice from which to teach others.

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IYI 300 Hr. Trainings

Created for RYT 200 Yoga instructors that have a desire to learn The Rocket® from its source of It’s Yoga.

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IYI 500 Hr. Trainings


Designed to support YOU in finding your Center of Excellence, personally, professionally, and with a commitment to sharing the Love.

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A Few Words From Our Graduates

Alejandro Arrangoiz

200 Hr. Graduate, It’s Yoga Cancun

“The 200 hr program was a great experience. The program its not just about memorizing theoretical data, but to experience yoga in a deeper level trough a committed daily practice and self observation, leading to a path of self knowledge and personal growth. It gave me a solid foundation to be able of share the IYI ashtanga routines with others, by experience them on my own first, and for me that was the beginning of what has become an essential part of my life, which is the practice of ashtanga yoga. ”

David Hernandez

300 Hr. Graduate, It’s Yoga International

“The IYI 301 module provided me everything I was hoping for. I was moving and breathing twice a day, aware of my breath, focused on what my hands, feet and core were doing, so of course I got stronger, more flexible and more capable than I ever was. But that was the easy part. I also learned a lot about myself during those two weeks. Marie and Dani lovingly helped us realize what our true purpose for being there was, encouraging an environment in which we could be open and honest to share and shape our wants, needs, fears and expectations to become great instructors, but also great human beings.”

Floriane Bongard

300 Hr. Graduate, It’s Yoga Fuerteventura

“My 302 training has given me the keys to a deeper practice, allowing me to tune inward more easily, on and off the mat. The training is intense, so as the shift that you will experience. Marie and Dani are both great teachers, they will support and guide you through your journey by giving you tools to help you stay connected to yourself and follow the path you wish to take.”

Raphaelle Romana

500 Hr. Graduate, It’s Yoga International

Marie was so wonderful with every single one of us, so loving, caring, genuinely interested in each and every single one of our stories. That’s what I love about all of my It’s Yoga trainings: we were all in it together. Up until 501 I thought I had started the 300hr It’s Yoga training because I wanted to certify as 500hr yoga teacher, train other teachers, stand on my hands strongly and deepen my knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga and the Rocket. I did, and I continue to, get all of those but more than all of that I am growing into myself, breaking through internal barriers so that I can fly, free of burdening thoughts, on and off the mat.

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4 weeks ago

It's Yoga

Some snapshots of our current IYI 302 and 501 trainings here in Mexico. This is an opportunity to stop time, breathe, and take hold of your inner beat and dance to that which of your music of life. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

It's Yoga

This is Michele founder of Its Yoga Firenze....we are in this thing for real. It’s yoga, after all.Shame is an illusion. It’s just Fear wrapped in different packaging.

3 years ago my body changed form. •

The toxic relationship that I had endured for many years led to a nearly fatal accident that amputated my left leg.

I was ashamed of my body- I was ashamed I had accepted and allowed such abuse to take over my life.
I had given someone the power to disrespect me. And had disrespected myself.

Become vulnerable and Be Honest. Let go of the fear of judgment.

This is the practice of Yoga.

This is where the power lies.
When you are truly honest with yourself you get the juicy miracles. •

Even the worst events in life are gifts from The Universe.

It took me 3 years of deep, no bullshit, looking in the mirror of darkness to understand this.
It took me 3 years to feel comfortable enough to show my prosthetic leg.

What I once thought was a weakness gives me the most strength in life. •

The gift of Self-love. The gift of Truth. The biggest gift of all. Blessed to be bionic. •

#truth #daretobeauthentic #amputee #survivor #disabilityawareness #strength #yoga #bionic #love #shameisanillusion #letgooffear #onlyloveisreal #keepitreal #selflove @itsyoga @michele.anne.barocchi
... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

It's Yoga

Filming today, feeling a deep desire to share on a broader scale, now is the time for yoga...stepping out of one body, into another, out of one frame of mind, into another. Only love is real. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago

It's Yoga

The longest night of the year.. Happy Winter Solstice from up here! #itsyoga #healing #ashtanga #acim #rocketyoga #therocket #yoga #larryschultz #wintersolstice #ohio #toledoohio @itsyogafuerteventura It’s Yoga Tallinn It's Yoga Satellite It's Yoga Brighton It's Yoga Firenze It’s Yoga Tallinn Marilyn Jurman Wahderful Yoga Green Yoga It's Yoga Cancún @itsyogahelsinki Grateful Dead @deadandcompany #onlyloveisreal #loveistheanswer ... See MoreSee Less

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