Mara Guadagni

Mara Guadagni


Mara Guadagni graduated from Florence University in 2006. She continues to study cultural anthropology with a focus in Childhood Theater. She has been working since 2005 with the TeatrOsfera Company and GruppoAutoprod of Giovanni Carli. In 2010 she started her work as a performing arts resident clown at Meyer Hospital. She began practicing yoga in 2006 for theatre warm up until she found It’s Yoga Florence and began to incorporate the Ashtanga system into her daily life. She completed her Yoga Alliance Certified Teaching Training program in 2011. She is now incorporating her background in childhood theatre and yoga to run the It’s Yoga Bambini Firenze program.

She writes:

Mara a Voice from the second generation of It’s Yoga, the queen of MPS and the first 100% Italian rocket girl ; )

Everybody knows It’s Yoga and the rocket routine created by Larry Schultz. Good! I will unfortunately, never meet Larry in this life. My TT was in May 2011 and I stared working for It’s Yoga Firenze about 4 mouths later. I still practice and teach his method from the Nord to the South of Italy and in Europe. Why? I met Michele Anna Barocchi in 2006 with that beautiful smile she offered me a yoga class knowing that I loved to practice yoga by myself, first time and never ending… I still love her rocket class! It was amazing the love and the patience that Michele always shared, the love of the practice and the love for Larry, her good friend. She shared this with me and with all of the student of It’s Yoga Firenze. After about one year I decided to go to San Francisco for an It’s Yoga Kids TT in April and I will never forget the sweetness of Rene and Steve when took me to the Astayoga center to show me the loft , their faceswere saying: “You are always welcome here, my house is your house!” I had my Rocket teacher training with Marie who tauht me the most of what I know, and I am extremely thankfull to her, that she can be so strong and so soft at the same time. At this very moment, I am writing to you from the beautiful house of Libby Haergraves, in Las Palmas where I am teaching with her at It’s Yoga Gran Canaria. And I don’t have here enough space to tell you how much I have learned from her sweetness and her strength. And when she has doubts (like everyone) she says: “Larry probably would do this…” I have laughed, drank wine, practiced, danced, and run near the ocean, as well as shed a few tears with the beautiful Miranda! I’m inspirated from the memory of the smile of Todd Taylor (another It’s Yogi) several times in my practice. As he passed through Florence at the end of 2012 for a flight workshop on his way to Mysore. Everyone of these It’s Yogis has given me a little of their experience from theier past and their tranings. And thank God this is just a little part of the whole picture! I recall I was always feeling different when I heard Michele o Marie or Libby say: “Tonight during the class I felt Larry was here!” And everyone was smiling and confirming… I was smiling too, but would think …hmmm I will never know that feeling… And then, that something happened a few days ago…it’s like when you are a new student and you hear your teacher say:” Mulabandha” and you smile but you don’t really know what is going on… until… one day… here It is! I was suppose to teach a class at 8.00 p.m. at It’s Yoga Gran Canaria, and that night 25 people were in the class, and the first thinking was like “OH GOD a full class in Spanish with all these people…how can I do this…?” Then, I step up the class with my “SanfFanciscotwinkletoes” and my mulabandha was strong and I started the class… and there was a power inside. I don’t know where it was from, but my class was flowing and the students were relaxed and happy. And at the end, the picture of Larry in the studio was smiling at me. He was there with me! With the second generation. So I want to thank everybody, and please keep going to share the love of the practice! I’ll be with you! Namaste Mara

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