Liliana Mejia

Liliana Mejia


After exploring different types of yoga, Liliana studied with teachers like Larry Schultz, Marie Hajjar Russel, David Kyle, Katie Cariffe, Michael Gannon, Laila Kuri, Amado Cavazos, Consuelo Gonzalez, Cristina Quezada, Herta Rogg, Pattabhi Jois, Bryan Kest , Duncan Wong and others was motivated by motion, strength, magic and power of Ashtanga Vinyasa. When she discovered the Rocket System in San Francisco, she knew she wanted to be trained to teach to share this effective and positive practice. “The practice can be so intense, so I prefer to teach with light, compassion and fun. Seeing all the changes you’ve made in my yoga is what motivates me every day to want to convey that passion, that strength and gratitude. There is nothing so wonderful to watch people grow into strong practitioners with yoga, feeling good about the fact every moment and in every way. ”

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