What is the It’s Yoga International Community?

The Rocket® is such a unique style of yoga and It’s Yoga International is honored to be the Official Institute of this system.  The IYI Community section will be a permanent part of the website that will serve as a place for official It’s Yoga International Trainings Graduates to display their information for the world to see. The IYI Community will also serve as a resource center.  Here are some of the benefits of being registered:


  • Display your current information so people can find you.
  • Display your current professional information so people can inquire about your “Rocket” services.
  • Find other Rocket graduates and collaborate.
  • Receive small business development training from IYI’s specialists so you can get your yoga business flying

Malena Caruso

Toledo, OH USAIYI 200, YA E-RYT 200
Certification: August 1, 2015
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Biographical Info

I started my yoga journey in 2011 in Washington, DC. My spiritual yoga journey started when I met Marie Russel in 2013 in Toledo, Ohio.

As a journalist by trade and lover of telling stores and health and wellness, I connected instantly with It’s Yoga, its philosophy, the people, the family and the teachings. I’m currently focusing my instruction of the It’s Yoga system with athletes ranging from high school to collegiate men and women and leading Rocket Yoga retreats. I’d love to connect with other It’s Yoga trainers to lead retreats, workshops and trainings!

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