What is the It’s Yoga International Community?

The Rocket® is such a unique style of yoga and It’s Yoga International is honored to be the Official Institute of this system.  The IYI Community section will be a permanent part of the website that will serve as a place for official It’s Yoga International Trainings Graduates to display their information for the world to see. The IYI Community will also serve as a resource center.  Here are some of the benefits of being registered:


  • Display your current information so people can find you.
  • Display your current professional information so people can inquire about your “Rocket” services.
  • Find other Rocket graduates and collaborate.
  • Receive small business development training from IYI’s specialists so you can get your yoga business flying

Madeleine Stejernsward Asker

It’s Yoga Stockholm SwedenIYI 300, YA E-RYT 200
Home Stockholm Sweden Certification: February 2, 2000
Photo of Madeleine Stejernsward Asker

Biographical Info

I’ve always been a seeker and I found yoga early, became a student of an old yoga teacher (hatha yoga) But it was not until 1993 when I trained as a yoga kundaliniyogalärare that grabbed me, I got a lot of nice gear, tried it on beautiful yogic lifestyle and began to share it with others. Ashtanga yoga, I found much later, Larry Schultz with his humor and creativity inspired, I took teacher training in Stockholm and rocket teacher training in San Franscisco. I love yoga and am grateful to share it with as many people as possible. In addition to yoga, I am an astrologer, Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist and Nia instructor.


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