Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What makes the It’s Yoga Teacher Training Program unique?

A: The founder of It’s Yoga, Larry Schultz, studied for seven years under Yoga Master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore India, alongside noted Ashtangis like Tim Miller, Richard Freeman and Nancy Gilgoff. The rigorous, and often rigid discipline of the traditional Ashtanga practice inspired, directed and changed Larry’s life! However, the implementation of this practice was ineffective for the people in Larry’s world, which at the time included the legendary musicians, The Grateful Dead. At their request, Larry developed the Ashtanga Yoga Manual that provided greater clarity to the whole system of Ashtanga. This manual contributed to him being called, the “Bad Man of Ashtanga,” as it was the first book written on Ashtanga, and opened up this powerful practice to practitioners of all levels and lifestyles. In fact, many have found that on the path to Mysore, the first doors they walked through were at It’s Yoga in San Francisco.

We honor the linage and legacy of Ashtanga, and present it Montessori-style, where there is an absence “of correct” or “incorrect.” We encourage you to experience for yourself what makes sense by becoming aware of your feeling body while quieting the thinking mind. We create the space in which you can awaken to your inner teacher, and dissolve the hierarchy of teacher and student. We invite you to share your love of the practice in the way that Krishnamacharya, the father of modern Vinyasa Yoga, believed each student should be taught: “according to his or her individual capacity at any given time.” We are the original school of Progressive Ashtanga as It’s Yoga was the first school to modify the classical system for modern practitioners. We invite you to practice and share your love of the practice in this manner.


Q: Is the It’s Yoga Teacher Training Program appropriate for me if I want to deepen my practice but am not interested in becoming a yoga teacher?

A: Absolutely! Larry would often say that, “just showing up is the hardest part of the practice”. In our 200-hour training, you commit to showing up six days a week for four weeks. In that time, you will experience, from your unique perspective, the benefits of hav