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Greetings and Namaste,

In collaboration with CENTER OF EXCELLENCE: INTERNATIONAL, It’s Yoga International presents Yoga Off the Mat.   One-on-one personal life coaching, is open to yoga practitioners, instructors, or anyone who is wanting to expand their consciousness and live an empowered life.

Our purpose in offering Life Coaching to our international community, is be fully present and pro-actively of service to the those who are willing to explore their inner realms and awaken their authentic Self.  By offering tools and support to uncover our highest potential,  this holistic approach and Off the Mat practice of Yoga, is a creative and stimulating process, that will empower clients to embrace an enlightened thought system.  Thus, leading All of us to live a life abundant in the gifts of Spirit: joy, peace, love and flight, on the mat, off the mat, and into the world.

In Marie’s words:
In the last 12 years of practicing and teaching Yoga, I have often witnessed in myself and others, a longing to understand on a deeper level the “issues” that have come up on the mat. Particularly in The Rocket® practice, the advanced asanas of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga are intended to awaken the feeling body, release toxins, and open the heart – bringing our innermost desires and unanswered questions to the surface.  In the practice of Yoga, the teaching is often “quiet the mind” or “thoughts are make-believe.” Intellectually, I could and do believe that, however, emotionally, physically and spiritually, I found that looking at my thoughts –  instead of ignoring them – was, and is, essential to maintaining the peace I felt on the mat.

In my own experience of being coached, mentored, and trained, by Dorothy Divack, Master Life Coach, for over 10 years, I have and continue to build awareness, experience healing, and manifest visions that have made all the difference in my life. In collaboration with my yoga practice, life coaching has inspired me to look closely into my personal mythology, look for patterns, and to dissolve the illusions that seemingly stand between me and my highest potential, my perfect peace, and my connection to Spirit. If I can stand on my hands on the mat, surely I can off the mat!

I remember Larry (Founder of It’s Yoga and creator of The Rocket®) used to say, that early in his practice he realized he could do advanced asanas of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, but went to sleep afraid, unsure of what he feared. Being in a life-coaching relationship offers us the unique opportunity to explore and process our deepest desires, thoughts and beliefs, feelings, behaviors, personal histories and relationships…  with someone who is fully devoted to seeing your greatness.  Rooted in Love, the CENTER OF EXCELLENCE coaching model is powerful, effective, and transformational. As the perfect compliment to your Rocket practice, it will indeed, “get you there faster!”

Feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and I will be in touch with you in 24-48 hours to set up a complimentary, informational session.

I am honored and privileged, to support YOU on your journey to Wholeness.

With Respect and Namaste,

Marie Russel
January 2017

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